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Oct 1, 2011
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Sugarloaf, PA
It has been such a long time since we posted here on the forum. We thought it would be nice to share with all of you our first year showing. It has been a long time since a nun was in a show ring. We know that the Poor Clares used to show their minis once upon a time.

This year we decided to give it a try. We were going in with some mixed feelings not knowing how would people accept us out there especially in today's world. I guess, we did not have to worry as we have encountered nothing but kindness and encouragement.

We showed 3 mares at the local shows and took two of them to the World Show. With Casey Campbell's help we did all our training and conditioning. We worked through email and photos. He also trained Sister Tereska to show. He came to help us at the Eastern Championship just to see how they looked and what else was needed. It was Sister Tereska's first time at a "bigger show" and she did well - getting a Reserve Champion Amateur Senior mare with Amore Lalita, Top five (4th) in Amateur Halter and Regional Champion in multi-color with our home bred appy filly CMC RG Not Spot Forgotten. Casey went on to win Senior Mare 32"-34" class with Lalita as well as Grand Champion Senior Mare. So Sister Tereska got her neck ribbons and horse head trophy she so dreamed of. Next was the World Show and there was still some work that needed to be done. We were only planning on Casey showing our mares there but he insisted that Sister Tereska show Lalita in Amateur.

We arrived in Fort Worth the night of September 29th. Her first class was next morning. She did a great job showing but was quite nervous. Before the results were announced she came to the rail saying: I am so glad I am done. Casey's response: Just wait and see! With all the Sisters praying at home for her calmness, she WON the World Champion Amateur Senior Mare with Lalita. We were stunned although Casey did not seem to be too surprised. Well, she still had to go to Grand! so she was not done LOL. As the late afternoon approached the Grand class was coming closer. Sister went into the ring as if she had done it many times. We watched as she showed Lalita and again did a beautiful job. We were just proud of her for being in that class and that was all. When the announcer announced Amore Lalita as the Grand Champion Amateur Senior Mare, the whole arena went wild and we were stunned!!! We did not even hear the music they played - "I will follow Him" from Sister Act at the request of the AMHA president. I don't think we will ever forget that day. Lalita showed again with Casey Campbell in the open Halter and won her class. With Casey having to handle another horse in the Grand Class, Mike Hlavatovic handled Lalita and won the Grand Class with her.

This whole Show was totally overwhelming. Our appy mare placed Top Ten in both Open Halter and Multi-color. We were very proud of her as well. Here are some photos to remember the Show.

Our BIG thank you to all of you that rooted for us. You have no idea how much it means to us!!!

Sister Tereska showing Lalita in her first class


Sister showing in the Grand.

20130930170718(1).jpgLalita - 2013 World Show 6.JPG

Casey Campbell and Mike Hlavatovic showing Lalita in Open and Grand

Lalita - 2013 World Show 5.jpg Lalita - 2013 World Show 7 small.jpg

And here is our appy mare CMC RG Not Spot Forgotten showing with Kelly Campbell

Mallory10.jpg 1462051_592840084109070_665073881_n.jpg

Lalita - 2013 World Show 7.jpg
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That's wonderful! There's no reason you shouldn't enjoy God's beautiful horses the same as anyone and I am sure most everyone felt the same. Congratulations!
Even though I already knew all of this, I sit here with tears on my cheeks and a full heart. I am so happy for all of you! I share your story every chance I get. I can't wait to visit again, though I'm not sure when that will be. I just know it must happen!

Again, congratulations!
I am so happy for you all! Congratulations you have accomplished so much in the few years since you began. Your horses are gorgeous, Sister Tereska looked like a pro out there!
Wonderful to hear the from story behind the scenes. I'm so thrilled for Sister Tereska what a wonderful job she did of showing her

well deserved win and congratulations

your horses are gorgeous.
Beautiful horses and story! Big CONGRATS!
So great to hear the story behind the fantastic wins! I was watching and cheering from home at the World show and had seen the MHW with the Regional results so the results are no surprise but I just thought Sister Tereska looked like a pro out there! Huge congratulations to all of you!
I saw Sister come into the ring in her first class, and have to admit I was a bit surprised as I had taken the year off from showing and hadn't had the opportunity to meet you at the eastern shows. I loved the mare and wanted her to win so bad and was so happy when it happened. You deserved that win hands down. Hopefully our lives will settle down and we can return to showing next year and will have the chance to meet you all.
Thank you so much for posting your story and the details of those fantastic successes - rightly deserved in my opinion! I'm absolutely thrilled for you all - many congratulations!!

I love reading your story -- and your mare is stunning! Congratulations on a very well-deserved triumph!
I loved seeing Sister Tereska online at the World show and was rooting for her! I'm so happy for all of you! Wish I lived closer to visit your farm.

Susan O.
Thank you for your well wishes!!!

Joy, we hope you can come again for a visit. Maybe in the Spring?

Jody, if you can't make to the shows you can always come for a visit!!!

Debbie, thank you for the compliments. I think most of the credit goes to the breeders of many years. We are reaping the fruits of their labor!!!

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