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Nov 30, 2002
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Southern, NJ
Can someone give me a headsup on the last auction we had with the Rescue...I have 2 items waiting to go and won an item as well ....sent in my check but have not recieved anything yet. I tried to e-mail cathyjo but did'nt get a response yet. Just wondering...thank you guys!
Yup, me too.

I have something that I donated and it did sell but am still waiting to see who I send it to.

I'm sure we'll hear soon.
Well, I can explain some of the delay. I got a lot of checks from people, but most did not say what it was that they won. The names and amounts were sent to Cathy so she could notify the doners to send the items out. Unfortunately, Cathys mom is in the hospital and she's been a little busy. I'm sure she'll get to them as soon as she can. Hang in there, sorry for the delay.

I know she's got more to put on the Auction, but we will have to wait till Mona gets her new system up and running.

Thank you for donating and bidding, you guys are great.


I was going to put up a horsey Easter Basket on the regular auction and give half of it to CMHR. Things in it : Going to buy a CMHR cookbook, 1 XS halter that is Red white blue, lead rope, horse pick, scrunchies, Feed pan that hookss over a 2X4, 2 horse head fence post caps, if I get time to copy again the 1986 Mid America Miniature Show at Indiana State Fair grounds and going to put the Terror of Tiny Town on it too. (Cowboy movie with Midgets and minis or Shetlands) just all kinds of things but now with the auction down I don't know if it would make it by Easter and have enough time to get it out. So everybody would you bid and be interested?

So does anyone know when the new one will make it back up?
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From what I know should be anytime soon....maybe withing the next few days even? Mona is still working on it. But wow Sandy that sounds like a wonderful idea!!!! I'll keep my eyes peeled on that one!
Also pls keep in mind that since the last viruses that went around email is just not at all reliable. If you have an aol acct its even worse. So many emails are being stopped by isp's. If you email cathy and dont hear back pls put them here. I know I emailed her 3 times and she never got any of them ughhhhhhhh

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