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Jul 19, 2004
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My daughter Jodi and her horse is in need of many

My daughter( Jodi Hurley ) owns, trains, shows and care for her own horses. She owns AQHA, APHA and AMHR horses. She worked so hard all year to train her 30" blue roan pinto gelding (Tex). She has him in the top ten in over 5 classes. Youth country, roadster, model, liberity ect. She wanted to go to AMHR Nationals and show her gelding ( Serenity Acres Tux N Tails ) Jodi worked odd jobs, pull weeds, train ponies, clean houses ext all summer. She had enough money to go to nationals.... TILL...right before the entries close for AMHR NAtionals, her AQHA rodeo horse "Kris" ( barrel , Pole bending and break away horse ) Was packing her hind leg. Kris couldn't put ANY weight on her leg. We rushed her to the vet ... after several x-rays... Kris had a fractured hind leg... Vet said she might have been kicked by another horse. The vet said she could be fixed but it would take over $2000. Jodi had saved $2100 for AMHR Nationals and for a ASPC Pony. With heavy heart she handed the $2100 to the vet to save her horse. We now have a bill of over $3000. She is selling her Weastern Pleasure horse( Tuck ) to pay the vet bill. Jodi watched all of her deams of going to AMHR Nationals go down the drainand to own a ASPC Pony. Jodi's horses come first, play last she always has been this way. Horses eat and are cared for befor she eats and ect. Every day she asked what classes would she be doing today if she went ot AMHR Nationals. Jodi is so heart broken . Her horse ( kris) still might not make it ! ! She is still at the vet. Jodi visits EVERY day which is 1hr drive one way. Kris is depressed with out Jodi and Jodi with out Kris. Here are few pictures of Jodi and her horses.....

Jodi wants to be a vet some day ! !

Kris and Jodi.... barrels...


Tex & Jodi roadster ... in Ogden Ut 05


Tuck and Jodi.. Tuck is her Western Pleasure horse.. Grand Son to Zipo Pine Bar

Tuck is still in training... The picture was taken during a training day. Jodi doing the training...


We are praying .....
for help.....

Sorry for this book....We need a miracle ! !
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Thank you ....Tapestry Minis....

Jodi is only 11 years old.
What a great kid you got there.
Prayers and good thoughts are headed for Kris. That's to bad about missing Nationals, but Jodi's right, you pay before you play. Praying for a full recovery.
I admire your daughter. I had one just like her. I am sure you are so very proud of her. I'm sending prayers for her and her horses and all the healing thoughts I can.
Sending prayers from North Carolina, what a beautiful seat (picture of her and Tuck)she has and what a lovely daughter she sounds very grounded and focused. Sending good vibes your way, please keep us informed of Kris' progress. Tracy
I'm so sorry to hear that Jodi didn't get to go to nationals. There is always next year though and hard as it may seem it will all work out. I've been through the same for my whole life as well and I am truly proud that I have worked for all I have. I'm sure she will look back later and know that all the experiences have made her stronger. I'm hoping for a full recovery for Kris so that they can both be together again. Best of wishes coming your way and tell her to keep her chin up because it will get better.
First of l think you really did something right and are blessed to have such a great caring hardworking daughter who puts the needs of an animal before her own very much reminds me of when mine was young and had to come up with funds for showing and once in a while life would toss her a curve but she just got stronger for it even though it hurt more then she let on. l sure hope the horse gets better will watch for an update and hope your daughter makes it to nationals next year and kicks butt.
I admire your daughter's love and dedication...she sounds like she has a heart of gold. I'm so sorry she did not get to go to the nationals, but she's doing what she knows in her heart is right. Big hugs to you guys...

Liz R.
There is always next year for Nationals, but the time to help Kris was NOW and Jodi was very responosible for doing it. You must be so very proud of her.

Prayers and good thoughts coming to you all. Since she is only 11 years old, I'm assuming "Mom" is doing the driving back and forth to the vet? God bless you for supporting her. Please give both Jodi and Kris a hug for me.
You have a very special thoughts and wishes are for her and her horses at this time.....jennifer
You obviously have instilled a tremendous amount of compassion, responsibility and work ethic into this outstanding young lady. I applaud your daughter and her parents

It is so very sad that she has had to miss out on Nationals and especially at the expense of having a loved and cared for horse being injured. I am confident that she made this decision with great love and confidence, despite her disappointment at not being able to attend Nationals. This young lady will be a fantastic vet!!!!

From the sound of the injury....a fracture which was "probably" from a well-placed kick, I'm wondering what they had to do other than cast. Was it such that they had to operate, from bone chips, etc ? I had a mini stallion who was kicked in just the wrong place at the wrong moment & had his bone cleanly broken just below the hock. He was put into cast by an orthopedic vet and while there were issues with his hoof trims and tracking for a while (from 4+ months in a cast), that requires only attention to detail -- an a lot of therapy for regaining muscle use. The vets said, if this had been a big horse we could NOT have done this due to the weight issues during healing.

I so very much pray for a full recovery for her beloved Kris. In my heart I know that that will take the place of all the trophies she could have ever won!
Sending good thoughts your way. You have an awesome daughter!! You and she should be proud!
Prayers are sent your way for Jodi and Kris
She sounds like a wonderful, caring daughter!

Kris is not doing well. The vet called and he is requesting to have Kris put to sleep. She is turning to the worst.... Jodi is not going to take this well.

I also would like to thank a VERY sepical lady that donated $100 to Kris and Jodi.

She wishes to remain anamous. THANK YOU AGAIN
What an Amazing young Lady you have there!

Prayers and good thoughts coming their way from Minnesota!

Sending prayers for Jody and Kris. Sounds like a very hard working gal and I would guess with mom and dad knowing that, they will help her out financially, That is a lot for an 11 year old to take on but being a good worker she will make it . Sad that lessons in lifehave to be so hard. Hugs to Jody and Kris.
Prayers coming for Jody and Kris!!! That is one awesome young lady you have there.

You must be so proud of your daughter for having such woderful values..Prayers for everything to turn out positively..
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