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Dec 11, 2004
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southwestern pennsylvania
Hi all as you know I have been taking care of my 80 yr old dad 24/7 for almost three years now well last week he went into the hospital with another urinary tract infection I got a phone call from the docs today saying that the antibiotics dont seem to be clearing the infection and they are wanting to stop the antibiotics at ten days (usally they run a 14 day treatment) and send him home and just let him go , there has been 2 other times that it has taken the antibiotics 6or 7 days to start working then they run 7more days after the clean urine culture to make sure he is cleared , I am 33 weeks pregnant and tend to go into preterm labor the longest I have ever carried was 37 weeks , I dont know what I will do if dad passes ,

I pray that he will clear this infection so he can meet his granddaughter....All I can do is pray it would be really nice if I had family of my own to talk too right now but I am the only child and have been taking care of the kids and my dad on my own , My fiance helps as much as he can but he works 12 to 14 hours a day 3rd shift He has to be able to sleep..

If it wasnt for my forum family I think I would completely loose it ....Please pray for dad that eevrything will start working so he can meet his grandaughter....thank you very much for listening to me I have been really upset ever since this afternoon...
Oh Mel! I am so sorry! You mentioned the other day that the meds weren't working, but I was so hoping that they would kick in. Again, I wish i was close enough to actually be of some help to you. I can only imagine how alone you must feel in dealing with all of this. Please know that you ALL are in my thought and prayers. {{{{HUGS}}}}
I know first hand at what you are going through. I will pray for your Dad and for you also. Please take good care of YOU too.


I am so sorry. Prayers being sent your way. It really sounds like you have your plate full. Please take care of yourself.
Mel, you know that I am praying for your dad
I wished that I was closer to be able to help you
Please take care...
I am so very sorry that things are not going well for you but I do believe in the power of prayer soooo lots coming from the Sunflower state
You and your dad are added to my prayers. Praying that he gets better quickly! (((Hugs)))
Oh I'm so sorry!
I will hold your father in my prayers and you as well. I hope and pray everything gets better for you and your dad.
I will keep your dad, you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.
Melanie, so sorry about your dad.... Praying that thing get better for you all.

Hi all ,

Updating on dad the antibiotics seem to be kicking in and working they were just slow to work , I am praying that they continue to work...Dad was actually being perverted with the nurses today which was quite embrassing for me but if it makes him happy and keeps him going who am i to say anything to him..His appetite is coming back which is good ...please keep us in your prayers as they are working and thank you very much for being here when I need to talk..

I have a doctor that keeps harrasing me about putting my dad on hospice if I do this they will not treat him with the iv antibiotics anymore and the uti will kill him, I am dads durable power of attorney for medical and so on my dads living will states that he wants every life saving measure taken , I have however since his living will was made up 8 years ago when he was still in good shape over rode dad to a point , he has parkinsons and I have watched him over the last 2 yrs decline alot , I have made the decision no cpr , life support , tube feedings . This doctor has came right out and told me that god has already taken my dad home and that I am being selfish for not letting him go , I on the other hand think differently , My dad knows me and my kids he still has a quality of life , he still talks to us . He is not in a vegitative state and he still wants to live . How can someone ask me to kill him , The reason hospice will not do iv antibiotics is because they have linked his urinary problems to his parkinsons and since there is no cure for parkinsons it is considered terminal and they will not treat with iv antibiotics..

This doctor has also come out and said you are going to have a new baby how are you going to take care of it and your father , I have for the last 3 years taken care of my 4 kids and my dad 24/7 . We have a routine and we stick to it and it works very well , I know I have a lot to do and I keep a positive outlook and I take day by day . I have told this doctor that I am going to have dad treated . And he says you need to put your dad in a nursing home or in an inpatient hospice , To me niether is an option right now , My dad has never went to the hospital with any bedsores or skin breakdown and he has been sent home from there with breakdown which I can usally have cleared up in the few days following his discharged ...I could see them pushing or trying to make decisions for me if dad wasnt being taken care of , I have visiting nurses that come in 1 a week to check dads vitals and so on and they have all told me I do an excellent job taking care of him ...I just dont want to be harrassed , Why are doctors allowed to keep harrassing when they have already been told what my decision is , This has me really stressed .

Thank you all very much for listening and for your prayers....
You and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers.

You should be commended for the good job you have been doing and will continue to do as long as you should. I do not think the doctors should be acting like they are, but in my experience, some doctors prove MY dad's opinion that there are more horse's butts in the world than there are horses.

Your dad is lucky to have such a good, loving daughter. I cannot even imagine how physically and emotionally draining this must be at times.
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