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Aug 24, 2003
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Hi all-

Once again I come to this forum family for prayers and good thoughts.

We had a filly born Tuesday night. The mare was 340 days, had no signs of an udder until that day, but delivered the little one by the textbook. I had taken Peanut to Kris Vegter's for foaling as I can't be home all the time and I won't leave my mares alone. Peanut does not have a lot of milk, but does have some and the baby nurses when up. The filly on Wednesday woke up from a deep sleep and had a really hard time fully waking up. She staggered, fell, etc. Once she is awake she is ok. I went up there Wednesday afternoon and she did it once while I was there. She has had shots of Dex and has been supplemented. Kris thought she was a little better yesterday, but called me about an hour ago and said she is very quiet this morning and her breathing is labored. She has put a call in to her vet, so hopefully Hillary will be there soon.

Please - I know the power of this board. You all helped to save Dawn (same mom) three years ago and I'm hoping for yet another miracle.


Sorry to hear of your filly's distress. Sending prayers and hugs.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hopefully she will be ok
Many, many prayers coming for you and your little one . . . .
I hope it turns out to be one of those things they grow out of after a couple of days.
Adding my prayers and good thoughts for your foal's recovery! Please keep us updated, good luck!
Thinking positive thoughts and sending prayers to your little babe. Sounds like a rough start, that is for sure.

Thanks for all the prayers. I have her here at home now and am waiting for my vet. She did have a little fever this morning and has had some banamine. When I looked in the trailer when we got home she was up nursing. Got she and mom into the stall and came in to watch her on the monitor - she was just a running around and nursing. She took a nap and is up nursing as I type. I'll update when I know more.

BIG Prayers coming your way! Hopefully she just got off to a slow start, with her up and bouncing around the stall, I would think is a good sign....I will be watching for the vet update {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

She just has to be ok! I'm sending prayers to your baby. {{{{Barbie}}}}

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