Bad news; Impaction Colic Surgery. She survived, but isn't out of the woods yet.

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ServiceMini, I hope you'll forgive my copying and pasting your positive update of 14 March from your Go Fund Me page. So many of us have been praying, and you're so very busy, I thought you might not mind too awful much. Again, please forgive me if I've overstepped. We were concerned. 🙏💖

March 14, 2022
by Katherine Tracy, Organizer
Hello everybody, I'm sorry for the lack of updates; but today we have a huge one!

The bill is well over 10k, though we don't have an exact number quite yet.

Sodapop is coming home, at the latest, by the end of this week! She is doing significantly better. She is passing manure on her own and at a regular rate. Today (3/14/22) she had her hooves done. We're really just waiting on the nutritionist to make a feeding plan; and if it is wildly different from what she's been on in the hospital, then she'll be kept a few extra days as they transfer her over to make sure she is handling it okay. Ideally, we hope she could be home as soon as tomarrow! But likely not, but i'm still hoping.

We did visit last week, and she was doing well! I will post the video bellow that I took of her playing with the toy her grandma got her!

Tomorrow we'll be visiting her again. Fingers crossed we get an exact day she comes home!
Silver City thank you so much for posting that!
Our first experience colicing we took Kricket to an old time horse vet. He started an IV and kept him over night. He called and said we should come and get him as he would not have weekend help as it was a holiday. He gave us two IV bags and said to put a couple table spoons of mineral oil on his grain twice a day. He said by Monday Kricket would be OK or dead. As we were loading him in a trailer a lady that raises and shows registered quater horses came out. She said she overheard what the vet told us and this was what she had done. She gives her horses a bottle of mineral oil in a drench bottle. She also gives another bottle by enema. Then walks the horse for hours. She said she had one that took several days until it splattered the stall wall. She had not lost a horse after using the mineral oil like this. We came home and gave Kricket about a 1/4 bottle we picked up at the dollar store and drenched him with gator aid. We switched IV bag once and walked him. The next day he passed a hard ball followed with loose poop. He wa sfine after that. I have not taken another coliced horse to the vet since. I lost one horse when I was sick and quit walking him. The next morning I found some fresh poop and then I found that horse dead out in the pasture. I am sure I would have saved him if I had stayed out and walked him more. I have had several others that coliced and being able to stay with them was fine.I have never hadone colic from over eating or feed change though which would be a different story. I have been told that not worming can also cause colic.

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