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Dec 5, 2003
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Otis Orchards, Washington (just east of Spokane)
I am very proud of my crop this year. They are finally getting to what I was striving for when I completely changed my breeding program 5 years ago and bought babies. It seems like it takes forever for them to grow up and start producing their own offspring.

I know some of you posted responses yesterday but I did not get to read them but thank you for looking anyway.

So here they are...Picture credit goes to Janet Hughes of Hughes Designs.

This filly was first. She was the last due and the first born, HA go figure. This is out of an Arenosa/Van Lo mare by Reserve National Grand Champion Over Stallion McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh. She is marked just like her mother only she has 4 white socks. Jesse put a wonderful hip and neck on her.


The next was an Arenosa/Bumble Bee mare by Jesse. This filly is really delicate & pretty and the friendliest one too!


The third was a Bumble Bee/Arenosa cross mare with Jesse, again a filly! Good job Jesse! This filly floats across the ground.


Last but not least is a colt out of a Winks/Rock E mare by Sundance LB Hot Topic. What a suprise to get a palomino but apparantely Flicka is a smoky black as she has cream and dilute in her background. This guy is getting nicer by the day!

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I love your first pic of mom and foal. Looks like a before and after pic
Or a mom and mini me

I could only see 2 foals on my comp...but on dial up....they are both beautiful. Congratulations!

Ohhh! Saw them all now.

Good luck with them. If they were all for sale I'd be hard pressed to choose between them!
Wow!!! They are gorgeous! Looks like you did a great job deciding on foals when you switched your program!!!! I love the LEGS!!
Outstanding foal crop!!
I love how that colt is put together. Fillies are very nice too!
Very very nice!
They are totally awesome, I wouldnt mind having one in my barn!! Keep up the breeding program!

Julie Flanigan

Victory Pass Stable

Hi Annette, if you couldn't read the comments on the previous thread, well I asked if that third filly ever touched the ground??? She is GORGEOUS!!! I love them all, the two bay fillies are just amazing.
You have put together one heck of a program. I hope I get the same quality from my little band. I have my first preggo (at least I think so, been 30+ days with no heat...), and fingers crossed with Flirty, I should know within the next week whether she caught.

I ended up breeding Stepper to Alladdin, I am SO EXCITED for that foal!!! I bred Flirt to Sandee Cassidy's Reserve World Champion driving horse, Mountain Meadows Bey Durango. He has the movement, looks, and seems to put a beautiful head on all his foals, plus he is homozygous for PINTO...please keep your fingers crossed for me, these will be my first two homebred foals. 2009 will be a big year for me!
Thank you everyone, I am a very proud grandma! LOL

Amy, congrats on Flirt, how exciting that you will have some Finch Meadow babies next year. It does seem like it takes forever to get those homegrown ones on the ground. And, the little filly you asked about...her feet only touch long enough to spring up again. I have so many puctures of her with all four off the ground, funny you caught that too.
[SIZE=14pt]Congratualations on a TRULY exceptional foal crop. I'm impressed with ALL of these babies and I'm HARD to impress!
I'm with Laura! Every one of those foals is special enough to make me go WOW and usually only a few foals a year (mostly Erica's
) do that to me. Congratulations! I can't wait to see them in person at the local shows.


P.S.- Where's all that snow you were complaining about?? It's still too cold to clip here on the west side of the mountains but over there you're all sunshine and tall grass!
I'm with Mona, I love the 1st bay filly but wouldn't kick any of them out of the barn.

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