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MeadowRidge Farm

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Dec 9, 2002
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how many pick up there pastures each day? I clean mine daily, and I have had so many people tell me I am the only one they know that does this!
It just looks so much cleaner then seeing all little poop piles all over.
The large pastures are just to big for that, we keep it dragged and mowed and it stays looking good. The small turnouts and drylots are cleaned daily.
I know you will get mad at me for this answer.

My horses all go to either the walk in or the poop pile to do their business. Only in a few spots do they do it in the pastures. In the corners and along the back fence line.

Hay Deb..I have one of those poop piles too,
it sure helps in keeping the pasture fairly clean,
and in all 3 sections of my pasture they sure do like the fence lines!

I have been getting some pictures together of Buckshot. Will be mailing them out to you in a few weeks. Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten

I clean mine if not daily, every other day! My mini's have 3 specific spots they like to go in so cleanup is fairly simple =) But I know what you mean, i've had a few people tell me too that i'm nuts for being out there cleaning so much! But I just like to see a clean pasture where they aren't going to be walking all over their own poo!
Daily every am, and many times twice a day. Stalls cleaned once a day.
We have very large pastures, so we keep those mown, we don't have to scoop.

They mostly go in the run in stalls which get cleaned every day (They are my horse's stalls too)
Nope, don't do that either- I'm just a naturally dirty person, I guess
I do have the field swept every six weeks but there is too much if it to actually poop scoop- it would take all my time and energy just to do that.
Yup, I clean mine every day. I read somewhere about mini horse management on the web that it was best to clean up their pastures and paddocks every day. So thats what I have done ever since.

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