please pray for butter

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I am so sorry for the loss of your foal and what you and Butters are going through. I know some people think that animals do not experience grief but I truely beleive they do. I have seen it with my mares when they lose a baby. Even the whole herd is quiet and subdued including the stallions. Prayers for her recovery.
I hope Butter will continue to improve.. So sorry for the loss of the foal...
Parmela I am so terribly sorry:-( I had the same thing happen to my mare yesterday morning at 7am. She too was in bad shape after her traumatic delivery and we feared she would not make it. She was admitted to critical care and I honestly thought the worst, but today at 3pm I was able to bring her home and she is recovering very well!! These mares are so strong and resilient and I am praying that your Butter will heal as mine has. She is blessed to have you and so fortunate you were there.

It is always hard to loose a foal, especially one you have waited so long for, so out thoughts and prayers are with you!! Try to keep your spirits up, sending hugs to you and Butter.
Oh no (((HUGS)))

Hope Butters gets better. I had a mare that had a similar episode. It was awful. Just be sure to watch for colic thats what happened with my mare, early morning she foaled and later that night she started colicking. No infection thank God.
Pam I am so very sorry that you lost the foal
and I will be praying for Butter to come out of this!


BIG HUGS and Blessings,

Parmela - I just wanted to give you another great big hug! ((( ))) I sure hope Butter is doing somewhat better this morning.
Good Morning Parmela

I hope Butter is feeling better this morning.

I am so sorry for what you all went through. All the things

you wrote and feared.. I can relate to.

Butter has a wonderful owner.

(((( HUGS ))))

Sorry about the loss of Butter's foal!

I had a mare go through something similar a number of years ago. We flushed her twice a day for 4 days because of all the contaminants that were introduced - she recovered fully and produced a gorgeous baby the next year. If the vet flushed her only once - you might want to double check with your vet about the need to flush again.
Just went back and checked our records for when this happened to our mare 2 years ago. She was not eating well the next day but was interested in grass and soaked alfalfa cubes (which was how we got her SMZs into her). So she was on meds, but was only flushed the once. She was US 3 weeks later and was given the OK to breed again, which we did on her next heat. Last year she gave us our first (and so far ONLY) uneventful foaling.

Still keeping you and your mare in my thoughts and prayers.
Prayers and Hugs! As someone told me last week, breeding is not for the faint hearted! It certainly can be heart-breaking! Hope Butter is feeling better soon!
Butter says thank you also!
Parmella, after attending years of auctions, bailing scads of horses from the kill pens, tracking down their history and finding out that they are someone's cast off broodmare or unneeded stud, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to find a person who not only cares so deeply for her horses but is also willing to give them the retirement that they have earned. Bless you.

And bless Butter. Good mare! I'm so relieved!
Many ((( hugs ))) to both you and Butter - we will continue to send healing thoughts & prayers. It will be interesting to see if Butter wants to be a "loafer" - I know that several of my oldies still want to be mom's irregardless of what kind of toll it will take on their bodies - I love my girls so much that I just can't risk it if their past foalings have really taken it out of them.

You are a good horsie mommy - but those cookies can get expensive - better stick to carrots!

So glad to hear you little mare is better and will get to spend her days as a Loafer. She is such a beautiful mare and obviously a fighter so I wish her all the best in her retirement

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