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My brother and his family live in McMinnville. I just emailed him and asked him to go look at this himself. His girls take lessons with a local trainer there. Maybe she can intervene or help in some way. I'll also contact my dad. He lives there as well and is a horse shoer.
How awful for those poor minis.
Talked to the "dog catcher" in my area. He said as long as there is "hay" & "water" there is nothing he could do for them. Even if the hay is stacked outside of pen & there is none in their corral.
That really sucks.
I live in Oregon also & have 10 minis. I would go without things for me before I would let any of mine go without. I always have the VISA card for anything I need & charge account at 3 different vets. There is no excuse for this happening to those minis. If you can't take care of the ones you have, get rid of enough to care for the ones you keep.
has anyone actually contacted the owners and offerred to help them?? sometimes this is the only way. In some cases you can talk them into giving or selling them very low etc.
i will send an email and see what i can find out. I just didnt want to duplicate what has already been done. If law enforcement refuses to do anything the only thing you can do is try to work with the owners.

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