Hello! and what is this under my mini's tail?

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Sep 28, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I've never introduced myself but I've been reading threads for a while now.
I have two mini mares. Izzie, a 33 inch almost 20 year old liver chestnut and Niska, a 37.75 inch, 7 year old bay pinto.

About a week ago, I was washing Niska's tail and noticed some red spots under it. I think its blood because it can be rubbed off and her skin itself is not red. The picture is from today.
Her poo looks great, she's peeing, eating and drinking, and all in all seems happy.

Does anyone know what this might be?


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It's amazing what animals come up with to give us grey hairs, isn't it? Best course of action is always to consult a vet. From what I can see in the pictures, it resembles small bug bites, but that could just be the way the picture appears. I'd put some diaper cream on her and keep an eye on it, if it was my own animal. Pretty ponies though! And welcome to the forum!
Test for pin worms. Meanwhile, put a coating of vaseline on the area twice a day.
Always a worry! Hope it is something simple. (Your pony is so clean and shiny!)
Thanks for the reply!
How do I test for pin worms?
It's gotten better after I found two little "cuts" (I don't know how they got there) a couple days ago and have been treating them twice a day with some spray on gel.
Usually they show up under the tail. Ivermectin does not kill them. You need the other wormer (can't spell it). The vaseline keeps the female from laying eggs.
Some vaseline under the tail might help anyway; maybe it is just rubbing.
Hi, how is your mare? Did the spots heal?
She's doing well! She looks much better. I'm thinking it was do to the little cuts I found. I don't think it was pin worms because I wormed her and am giving her diatomaceous earth and there are no signs of any worms in her manure.

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