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May 7, 2004
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Northern WI
What technically is the difference between a palamino and golden palamino? Does a foal start out lighter and get more golden color as he ages? Here are a couple of pictures of my palamino yearling she golden? Excuse the bad hair day--they are all bad hair days these days
Whatever she is, she is gorgeous to us


Tobey~ if your mare is a palomino yes she is a golden. There are different shades of palomino. My palomino I have is a isabella, which means she vertually looks white.

Yep after looking at your site I guess she would have to be a palomino. SO yes she is a golden.
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I think he is a golden palomino.. Correct me if I’m wrong! But he is a dark rich colour with a very very light main/tail, making a obvious contrast.. Meaning a golden palomino! Right??
She is Palamino--dam is sorrel, sire is cremello. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Anyone else have pictures of different shades of Palaminos?
Palomino is a horse color not a breed. The characteristic palomino color is that of a newly minted fourteen-karat gold coin with variations from light to dark. The skin is usually gray, black, brown or motley without underlying pink skin or spots, except on the face or legs. The eyes are usually black, hazel, or brown. The mane and tail must be white with not more than fifteen percent dark, sorrel, or chestnut hairs. Conformation depends on the breed represented.

Technically, the palomino is not so much a color as it is a lack of color due to the dilution gene. The best cross for obtaining a palomino has been the crossing of a palomino to a chestnut. Crossing a palomino to a palomino most often produces a cremello (often called wrongly, an albino).

Found this here:

This is our Buckeroo grandson, LKF Echo's Omega. We clip him every spring & he is a golden color (more so than the picture).......... As the summer goes on he starts turning lighter & ends up being white through winter.......... He has sired several palominos. Most of them end up being white or what I describe as a taupe colored palomino..... Several of his foals were born dark sorrel but ended up being white........... The avatar picture was taken last week. He was more coppery looking in May.
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I have 3 different Palominos.

Grace, a 5 yr old mare. She is actually more golden now but haven't taken current photos.


This is Angel, she is the Isabella Palomino with hazel eyes. Again, need a new photo. She is almost a shiney cream color now.


And this is Wylie, my Palomino mini mule. One of a kind as far as we can tell! Her mane and tail are now white and she is shedding her baby hair.

ANYTIME you breed a cremello and a sorrel together you will forsure get a palomino! Palomino bread to palomino can produce Cremellos, Cremellos are not bad!! they are good, they are just like any other color but really WHITE and creamy and will give ALL there offspring a cream gene! Palominos are all shades of colors!! Susan Oberg had a BRIGHT WHITE palomino namd Creamy(wich sadly died) this stallion was GORGEOUS!! He is one of my most favorite stallions! And then there are golden ones!!

I think my colt will be golden!

if you take a look at my web-site (under signiature) and click on Palley you can see him!!
to tired to go through photo bucket right now LOL

Palominos are my favorite color! Such a pretty color no matter the shade!


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