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May 20, 2008
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Okay, okay, I know you are all groaning and thinking "Not someone else wanting me to tell them if their mare is pregnant or not by looking at pictures!!!!" Still had to post these pics.

I have two mares. Pepper is the grullo mare that IF she is bred would have been due anytime between the middle of April to the middle of July. I assumed that she was open as I was pretty sure that she had been showing heat. If fact I thought she was acting like she was in heat yesterday. Well I pulled her in to trim her hooves and noticed that her bag is larger and harder than it has been. Got to really looking at her and notice that her belly is more pronounced than it had been. Thought maybe she is just gaining too much weight on our pasture. But still want to show you these pics and see what you think. Do you think she would have a bag this full and hard just by being in heat?




And from this angle I don't think that her bag looks quite so full.


And this is Magic my grey mare. I was told she should be due the end of June. She really still has no bag at all. But her previous owner said that with her last foal she started bagging one morning and had the foal that evening. I definitely think there is something in there. Just still wondering when it will decide to make an appearance!





I would love to hear your opinions on these two mares!
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I also think they are both in foal. However, I have one here that I am wondering on, she has me stumped :DOH!
I would say both are, the first one's bag deffinately looks quite a bit filled out.

I would agree.......They both look pregnant. I'm surprised that the second mare doesn't have a bag, though. But with the history you described on her, I'd be watching.........She looks like she's dropping! Your first mare is very close too, but doesn't look dropped yet.
Hi Julie, I think they both look in foal as well. I would be watching the 1st one really close, to be safe both of them. Have you seen any movement from the foals, sometimes you can get them to move around rubbing on the mares tummy...or when they drink some cool water..I see mine move. I know not much help, only way to be sure is have a vet check them..ultrasound.

Keep me updated
Thanks everyone for the replies. I was shocked to see the bag that Pepper, the grullo mare had last night. I knew it was a possibility but she showed heat and even let the stallion breed her right before I bought her. So I bought her as "open". I have checked her occasionally, but really didn't think that she was bred. She is VERY cranky too. Especially with my stallion. She won't let him within 20 feet of her.

Here is a pic of her about a month ago. You can tell not really that much difference.


Magic, the grey, has had me on edge for a month now. Her bag gets bigger, then goes down, then gets bigger again. She is definitely dropped. Here is a pic of her from about 1 1/2 months ago:


I have spent so much time trying to see or feel movement on both of these mares. After eating, after drinking, even tried to push around a little on them. NOTHING!!! One day my husband came out and started laughing. He said that I looked so funny just sitting there zoned out watching Magic's belly. :DOH!

Has anyone ever seen a bag that looks like this and feels hard on a mare that wasn't due to foal?
How long have you had Pepper? Maybe she bred right b4 you got her. The second picture of her bag almost looks like she is waxed. Teets are diffently sticking out and full. Just my experience some can look like that for a month b4 foaling and some foal right away when thier bag looks like that, Although looking at the pics again she is not very full from behind.

You sound like me, I watch my horses constantly...and always rubbing thier bellies. You would think I would stop now, since everyone has foaled...but nope...still starring watching the foals so afraid one will get hurt, sick.

Yep, Robin can tell you..I find things to worry about..I drove her nuts worring about a colts willy. LOL
I have only had Pepper and Magic for a little over a month and a half. I wish that I knew how they did their last pregnancies.

Robin is an angel!
She has answered sooooo many questions of mine! Sometimes I feel like I am worrying for nothing!!! She warned me ahead of time not be alarmed when my first colt peed backwards!
Hiya ladies!
Glad I helped!

Nancy, I still think you should name that colt Willie!

Pepper does look bred to me!

It is when Magic's bag stays big and then gets even bigger suddenly.......

Watch out!
Yep Willie Wonka or "You gotta Willie"..........And the one born on your birthday is for sure going to be name Robbin The Spots..your name sake! Gosh another one with a sentimental name that will be even harder to let go of!
I need some new pics of that Willie and that Robbin!
That would be cool!

Hey Nancy, show me your Willie!

He sure is cute!
Hello All!! Magic looks pregnant to me for sure(but not bettin on it). We had a mare that foaled with a tiny bag, but showed all the other signs so we were watchin'!!!!! About Pepper.......... Not sure! Do you have a vet that can ultrasound????
Well... this morning I don't know what to think about Pepper!!UUUGGGHH!!!

Last night her bag was softer, this morning hard again. What is throwing me for a loop is that she is driving my stud crazy following him around. Acting like she is in heat and wanting him to show her a little attention. If you get my drift. Who knows! I have heard of mares acting like that before foaling. On the other hand, I have heard of mares making a bag while in heat. I will just keep watching her I guess.

Magic still looks the same.

I have a vet that can come to my house and ultrasound. But she just had a baby herself and is out of commission for a while. She will do things like draw up vaccines and see the smaller animals in her office (next to her home), but she is not up to messing with the bigger animals yet.

Robin, I found that spot with a slope to take the pics!
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