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These are a few recent donations we received to start installation of the underground utilities. Who would have thought that the 1000 feet of 3in electrical conduit would cost $4000 MORE then the brand new mini excavator!


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Congratulations! 🥳 You have traveled far and fast since you purchased your acreage about 3 years ago?

It is a very unique and exciting project to watch develop. Ouch on the conduit costs! We are just now getting our pole barn touched up and repaired after last years record breaking snow loads on the roof, and supply costs are definitely high!

When you use the expression, “life is a zoo”, it definitely means something! 😂
Yes, absolutely your Louis counts! 😂 Gorgeous!

Ouch on the farrier but whatever is necessary to keep a good farrier coming out is worth doing!

You know you’ll have to post photos if you acquire three more? 😂

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