I forgot to introduce myself when I posted my first post.

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Mar 19, 2020
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I am so excited about getting my first mini that I forgot to introduce myself as a new forum member. I'm a Mississippi gal who got transplanted to Georgia a number of years ago, so I now call Georgia home. I teach Middle School Special Education in my small rural town. I practiced nursing for almost 15 years and did my mid-life career change to education after a couple of inspirational events.

We have owned our little farm for 5 years now and I love it! As I mentioned in my first post, I have bought my first mini horse, now named Sugarfoot, who is scheduled to come home next week. Currently, I have chickens (not unusual), turkeys (I love them!), goats and pigs, and several dogs. I love all crafts that involve fabric or yarn; puzzles, books, and gardening. Currently, as most are, our school system is shut down so I'm trying to catch up on all farming and household duties and teach remotely. Thanks for adding me to this wonderful forum! I'm sure I'll have many questions in the near future as I embark on settling Sugarfoot in with his new pasture mates, the goats and train him to a cart.

Hugs & Smiles,
Welcome Aboard! Love hearing your menagerie list! Many of us have various other animals too....oh, and I know several members are also very "crafty"! It's nice that you can do some remote teaching too.
Look forward to seeing pictures of your new addition. Sugarfoot! What a sweet name!
Hi, Maryann, thanks so much for the warm welcome! here's picture of little Sugarfoot. Once I get him home, he is due to a long brushing. I have plans to pick him up next Monday; however, I'm getting concerned about travel restrictions due to COVID-19. I might have to make a quick trip this week! :)
IMG-1885.jpg IMG-1893.jpg
Hi! I’m a pretty new member too, but I already think this forum is great. I also just recently bought my first mini horse! His name is Buddy and he is a palomino stallion that I am hoping will be my daddy horse to future foals. I also really like Heartland as well and love the name!:D Welcome from Kansas!
Buddy is beautiful, Joanna! Do you have other horses? I would love to get some breeding stock eventually! This social distancing has me very antsy to make the Sugarfoot road trip and bring him home. Being out of school for now will give me the perfect time to work with hiim every day.
Welcome! Hope you can bring your Sugarfoot home soon. I'm sure the kids at your school will enjoy hearing about your new addition in the future too. Yes, the timing is good though for bringing him home since you will be around to help him get used to his new surroundings. They are a lot of fun!
I know they will be excited. I showed them the pictures I have posted here already. They immediately wanted to know if I could bring him to school so he could "hang out" in the classroom with them. I admit I was a bit worried about bringing him home when I was going to be gone all day but now I'll have plenty of time to spend with him. Hopefully, we can form a strong bond before the school bell rings us back again. :)
thanks, Maryann! He is a bit of a "chunky monkey" ;) I'm going to check on his previous owner's availability so I can pick him up a few days early. All the current situation in our state makes me a bit nervous.
Hugs & smiles!
I'm so sorry. Arthritis is a beast! I'm waiting to hear back from the previous owner ~ hoping to pick him up a bit earlier but will "hold my horses" if an earlier date is not good for him. :)
Be safe and feel well!
Buddy is beautiful, Joanna! Do you have other horses? I would love to get some breeding stock eventually! This social distancing has me very antsy to make the Sugarfoot road trip and bring him home. Being out of school for now will give me the perfect time to work with hiim every day.
Thank you Pondfire! At the moment, I don’t have any other horses, but will hopefully be getting a proven and pregnant mare, in the next week or so. I can tell that Buddy is lonely and bored.;) I have lived here all my life (14 years) and we also have a little pet farm, just on about 5 acres. We have 5 dogs, a few chickens, ducks, old lady goats that my sister used to breed and raise, lots of cats, a couple bunnies, a corn snake, a leopard gecko, and now my Muddy Buddy!:p I hope you don’t mind me sharing all that, I love telling people about our critters.:D I completely understand with the social distancing, though, and I hope you can get Sugarfoot soon! He is GORGEOUS!
lol.. I never mind when someone shares about their critters! I love sharing mine too! I'm counting the days till Monday to make my Sugarfoot home coming trip! I love Buddy's full name, by the way! I lost my only bunny about 2 years ago. Seriously would love to have a couple of them again. They were my garden fertilizer makers! I think our menagerie of critters are similar, except I don't do reptiles. I would love to add ducks to my farm too. Seriously considering it for this summer. :)
Wish you lived closer! Someone dumped a young Satin cross bunny in our yard a few days ago. My daughter (22 yrs. old) used to show and breed rabbits (mostly Satins!) for 4-H and FFA. Her showmanship rabbit, Max, is the only one still with us....He's very old - well over 10 years now. I swear he's like the "Energizer Bunny"...just keeps going and going and.... LOL. I was wondering if the idiots who dumped "Harley" KNEW that we had rabbits?
We also have a mix of critters....About 40 minis and ponies... 6 full size horses, 6 llamas, 1 mini donkey, 2 dogs, 7 cats, some chickens and ducks, our now TWO, rabbits, 1 guinea-pig (a rescue - like many of our critters are!), 4 rats (my daughter's), and 1 Python...Oh! and a half dozen fresh water fish which my husband insists on.
I wish I did too! Harley sounds wonderful!!!
Wow! Your menagerie our numbers mine!!! I would like to add some sheep to my little farm along with more minis and some ducks.
Oh, Maryann! I wish I lived closer too! Harley sounds like he would be a sweet addition to my little farm.
I can only dream of having so many minis and full size horses!!! W gf at a wonderful piece of heaven you live on!

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