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Mar 26, 2021
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I got a little curious to see who has what! Do you have a couple acres out on property? A farm? A ranch? An apartment? What do you got? What kind of property/outbuildings/crops? What animals?
We have 350 acres about a 1/2 hour out of town. About 150 acres of it is cleared, and we grow our own hay.
For animals, we have 1 very dumb dog named Lacey, she is a 4yo Great Pyrenees. A bunch of chickens, I have no idea what breed they are, or anything about them, I know they are layers, not met birds, and we just got 30 more yesterday, but I hate chickens so that's all I know! We have about 300 piglets, they are only a couple weeks old, and are a Yorkie Duroc cross. We have 5 sows that are also a Yorkie Duroc cross. And we have about 30 grower hogs, also Yorkie Duroc cross. We have 1 milk cow, Maggie, she is a 3/4 Jersey, 1/4 Holstein. Then her calf, Henry, who is a mix of her, and we don't know what the bull was, but he is wild! Then there is the older bottle calf, he's 1yo next month! And he again, we aren't sure, definitely some Angus in him for sure though. Then there is Garry, he is a 1yo Jersey. Then there's Stevie, we don't know what he is either, he's also 1yo. Then there are the 4 new bottle calves (just got home yesterday!), George, Marshal, Gram, and Stacey. And they are all Jerseys. So the cows are kinda a mix of everything right now, and they're all the runts and rejects no one else wants, so we get them for a very discounted price!😂 Oh, and I have my 2 mini donkeys, Ruby and Lilly, they are 8 and 5, I have no idea what breed though. Oh, and there's the indoor cat, Frances, she is a 3yo Mane Coone.
For outbuildings we have the one main house, as well as a smaller house right before ours that we may or may not rent out (we had renters in there up until the end of Feb, then they left). We also have the shop/grain shed. The weigh/scale/sort area thing. A round pen. The trapezoid pen (it's actually more of like a sacrifice pen, not much grass grows there, but it's in the shape of a trapezoid so....). The cows pen. The death field (this is where my girls are). The calves barn. The piglets barn. The pigs barn/hay shed in the summer. The chicken coop. And the shed that everything goes to die (it is full of literally random nothingness)
We have 10 fields right now, but we are going to log the rest of it, and turn the rest of it into hay field. But for now we have the Top Field, the Horse Pasture (no there are no horses there), the Field Below The House, the Sheep Field (yes all the sheep are gone, but they used to live there), The Death Field, the Swap Field, the Pea Field, the Field Across The Road, and the Pigs Field. Yes, we name everything lol! It's honestly not as confusing as it sounds lol! Most of the fields right now are planted in a Timothy/grass hay mix, and they are doing really well! But dad is going to plant one of the fields in a horse blend this year! So we may end up selling that hay to horse people. Oh, and we don't hay the Swap Field, or the Pigs Field, cause the pigs live in those fields over the summer, and the Death Field is usually grazed by the sheep, but I guess the cows get it this year!
Oh, and we also have the backyard that is fenced, and sometimes the girls get put in there too. The donkeys are kind of everywhere all year! We have transportable electric fence as well, so i can just move them wherever there isn't much grass.
For machinery, we have the small tractor, The Princess, and the big tractor, Little John, and a swather, a round baler, 2 square balers that are both broken, 3 rakes, one of them only semi works, 1 combine, 1 grain chopper, 1 auger, and 2 trucks.

But anyways, what do you guys have? Do any of you live on farms? Here are some pics...


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I’d love to have acreage, but as it stands, we have an acre and a half with front yard, back yard and lower yard all separately fenced with post and rail with chain link sandwiched in. We have 2 minis, 2 Nigerian dwarf goats and 8 hens in the lower yard, about a 1/2 acre. In the front yard, we have a pond with gold fish and frogs. It’s connected to the lower yard, so the horses can come in and graze for very limited amounts of time. The backyard has the same fence and is used by our 6 dogs. We have 4 standard poodles, a mini poodle and a terrier mix. We also have 3 cats who moved to the basement when we got the poodles who proved to be way more interested in the cats than the cats were in them. They have their own couch, a cat tree, and 2 windows, so they’re pretty happy.



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I have 100 acres. 40 mixed bush, 40 in hay and 20 for the house, barns, paddocks. In the house there are 4 mini weaner dogs(I stand by 4 of them is the same as 1 big one), 1 big mixed breed, 1 Belgium Malinois, 1 house pot belly pig, 3 cats that are the leftovers from the last litter that was dumped here and didn't find homes. Outside are 7 minis (with one more oops on the way), 2 standard donkeys and 14 big horses. 8 live out the rest come in at night. Some of the big horses are boarders and too many are mine. There's the house, garage that my car has never been in where the tractor and winter firewood are kept, horse barn, old bank barn for storage and an indoor arena. 9 paddocks, 5 of them split into a grass paddock and a mud paddock, 4 just grass. In my defense of having this big a collection, they are all rescues.
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Wow, you have quite the property!

We have 9 acres about 10 minutes outside of our small town. We have 10 chickens, 2 ducks (soon to be 4 ducks), 1 elderly Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier, 1 adorable barn cat and 2 mini horses. ❤ We have technically three pastures, one "dry lot" in front of the barn and then a pasture on each side of the barn. (East pasture and West pasture)

Magic - soon to be 20YO!
Squirt - going to be 10 next month
Post walk grazing
Danny the (rambunctious!!) barn cat
We have 45 acres with a 6 stall barn that's too small to house everybody, so it serves for storing grain and foaling or if someone is unwell. Our house is an 80 yr. old one story farm house. Animal count: 40 minis and ponies, 9 full sized, 3 llamas, 1 alpaca, 1 jenny, 15 chickens, a few ducks, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 1 rabbit, and 1 crazy conure.
@Marsha Cassada, that sounds lovely! Mountains are the best! Dad always says that our house should have been in the top field cause we would have then been able to see all the mountains around as lol! I could also look at donkeys all day long! I take waaaay too many pictures of them! 😂 😂

@mrichmond, oh my gosh I have always wanted a miniature goat!!! They are so freaking cute!!! I love that your cats have their own couch lol! Our cat attacks the couch in my bedroom too! She's a weirdo...

@Taz, WOW!! That's a lot of horses! But you never need a reason to have that many! One of my favorite quotes is; "Horses are like potato can't have just one!" 😂

@MerMaeve, I love your minis! I wish we could have barn cat! We've had 2, and the pigs ate them both....:eek::oops:😬

@Maryann at MiniV That is a LOT of minis!! What do you do with them all?! Do you drive them? They must be so cute!!
AbbySmith, Our numbers are actually going down! 20 years ago we had 150 minis/ponies. But we were showing a lot and very seriously into breeding back then. These days, most of our minis are either rescues (people dumped them) or are in their 30's, so are here to retire. If someone actually wants an older mini for some reason, they better be very SPECIAL.
Wow! That must have been so much fun to have that many minis around! Minis are the best ever! Breeding them must have been so awesome! I can't wait to be able to train my little mini foals!
I feel like most older animals are harder to adopt out, and that really sucks! Everyone wants a lifelong pet, and aren't willing to take the older ones, it's kinda sad :( But it's nice to know some people (like you!) are willing to keep them! :)
I'm on just under 11 acres, brought it as a market garden in 2007 and have been transforming it ever since. I currently have 1 dog, 4 minis (possibly two are pregnant) & 3 full size horses ( 1 x def pregnant) & two weanlings. Currently looking to add ( SAID EVERY HORSE OWNER EVER) 🤣 one riding horse.
@Maryann at MiniV I don't know how I didn't realize you have "lots" of minis. Shows how much I pay attention.

We raise Red Angus cattle, so have a herd of cattle.
I have 15 mini horses, 1 mini donkey, 2 saddle horses, too many barn cats, 5 house cats, and 2 stock dogs. We raise our own hay. We live in the sticks, we are 48 miles from the closest town with more than a gas station, and we live 65 miles from the town we do most of our shopping in. We are 150 miles one-way from the closest Walmart, it's in another state. We are 150 miles from the closest two TSC; one is in another state, one is in-state.

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