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Irish Hills Farm

Irish Hills Farm
Dec 1, 2002
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Baxter, TN
I'd like to say first that the purchase of the new girl is absolutely, positively, 100% Mary Lou's fault.
Had it not been for the LB Breeders Connect, I wouldn't have found the new girl.

Friday morning I left for Mike & Judi's - Rockin' Angels, in Kentucky to pick up Imagination who has been "vacationing" over at M & J's since Nationals. Once I got there Judi & I headed on over to Cay-Lee to pick up the new girl. We visited with Cathy & Lee Hand for a couple of hours and totally enjoyed ourselves there. Lee & Cathy have a very nice home and barn, which is for sale if anyone is looking.
And of course they have super horses as well. Their stallion Maestro, is a full brother to Imagination so that was extra neat to be able to see him.

The new girl was purchased from Lee & Cathy and her name is Modern Hershey's Karamello, aka Kara. She is a B&L's Rock "E" Hershey Bar daughter, a Rock "E" granddaughter. Hershey is a Grand Champion Foundation Stallion, HOF, and was the 2005 Pony of the Year. Kara is a Congress Champion Pleasure Driving horse. Kara is a really NICE mare and I'm totally over the moon with her. I'm so looking forward to Kara's future foals and hope that she will produce awesome driving babies for me.
Though I do have a couple of people bugging me to get Kara back in harness....

Introducing Modern Hershey's Karamello ASPC/AMHR




I also meet Erica in Marion, AR on Sunday to pick up Bandito
and Penny.
So, now all my kids are home except for one, Baylee who is in harness training with Ernie. I haven't taken any pictures of Bandito or Penny yet as we got home at dark last night and today I've been running around. Maybe sometime this week I can get some taken of those two.

Thanks for looking.
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Well i think you already know i like her

Congrats, im sure it feels good to have everyone home
She is stunning!

How tall is she? She looks as if she has a great build too. I love them built like her.

And, well her colour is 'perfect'. Nothing like a classic dark healthy bay.

have tons of fun and share your updates with us,
Sheryl just load her back in the trailer and bring her home.Have a stall all ready for her. WoW! Beautiful Congratulations.

Kara is 38" tall. She is just umm...on the "healthy" side right now, if you know what I mean.


Sorry, Kara is HOME, here. lol She is just amazing to watch in the pasture. That trot is IT. You don't have to excite her to get it out of her, its natural. So cool.
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Wow she is beautiful!
I'm headed out the door to buy lottery tickets. If I hit the jackpot I want to be first in line for her first baby. Seriously STUNNING...I am in LOVE.

I have to agree a very nice mare.

Holy Moly, Sheryl!!

That is one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen! Wow! I hope we get to see her in person at some shows next year. That trot is gorgeous!

Congrats!!!! She is beautiful
:wub She reminds me of a mini morgan, and looks just like a morgan I used to ride named "Maestro" -- a funny coincidence!!!!
Just wanted to attest to the fact that this Little Lady CAN MOVE!!!! I think I fell in love at first trot, the pictures do not do her justice
I so wanted Sheryl to forget to take her when she left but luck was not on my side and she remembered to load her out.

It was a pleasure having Imagination here for Vacation, and Sheryl, Kara and Copper here for the weekend.
Cathy and Lee Hand are two of the most wonderful people to spend time with and get to know. We would have loved to had stayed longer to talk but had to get home to feed Mike.
Next visit we'll leave something in the crock pot.

Once again Congratulations Sheryl you know my opinion.

Drive her, drive her, drive her, drive her..........
Congrats on the new girl. Lee and Cathy are super nice people, I purchased their boy Omega from them, It shines through that he has been well loved and handled all of his life. (more than a year and a half later, I still refer to Omega as their boy

Good luck with your new purchase.

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Sheryl, another beautiful purchase! I have made two new purchases in the last couple of months and you are making me have the buybug again! STOP IT!

CONGRATULATIONS Sheryl! I swear, you must have hit the lottery the way you are buying horses! Share the wealth, will ya?!
OM gosh! She is one of the prettiest mares I have seen a long time! She has it all! I know your delima though it would be great to see her in harness and winning, but also reproducing herself.

Congrats on such a beautiful mare!


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