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Apr 14, 2015
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Colville, WA
Hi to all and nice to meet you.

My husband and I have two ranches in eastern WA. One is for sale right now but I may decide to hang on to it for a while longer, like I need one more thing to do, lol. I still work full time on the coast but hubby is semi retired--lucky guy! He still farms using the team once in awhile and it's fun to see them work the fields. The main homestead is a 120 acre ranch and we have 15 horses from minis to drafts. My favorite riding horse is my Kentucky Mountain mare. I'm old and she's gaited so it's a perfect combo : ) We are building a new home and are planning to do off grid living. I've been in horses for over 50 years so it's been my life-long passion. I'm relatively new to minis and have only had them for 15 years but am aware of some of their quirks. Always so much more to learn from you all and I have always enjoyed reading this forum.

Our menagerie includes llama, alpaca, sheep, ducks, chickens, a couple of cats and dogs in addition to our herd which keeps us very busy. I especially love the minis and our latest addition is Harli who is the little mare on my profile. Unfortunately, she lost her foal the day after we brought her home her last week so if/when we decide to have her bred again this year, I want to ensure she is in excellent health and feeling good again before we do. She was under nourished and the colt was born premature so I wasn't too hopeful that she would be able to carry full term after I got her home. She is a great little girl though and has already got us under her spell.

She is AMHR and I would like to find a good stallion around my area (Colville, WA). I plan on training her to the cart and perhaps do a bit of showing for fun as well. If anyone could recommend a breeder close by, I'd appreciate it. She has produced some nice foals but her previous owner had to sell out due to a major health crisis. I wish I'd been able to find her sooner so we could have tried to prevent the loss. I would have really loved seeing the little guy frisking around the pasture later this spring.

Hi to Susanne, Sage and others who may still be here I remember from the old days when this forum was brand new! Shirley
Hi Shirley! Welcome from the Missouri Ozarks! Sorry your little mare lost her foal, but we've all been there. More times than I care to think about! It breaks your heart for sure. But then you have a live one, and it heals your heart! Wish we were closer. I'd breed her to one of my boys for you. They're only 26 and 28 inches, but they're not afraid of heights!
We've had minis for almost 20 years now, and loved every minute of it! Since we're no spring chickens anymore, I've cut my herd to 10 to ease the work load a little. Hope you find a nice stallion close to you. Once you've had a mini foal, you're hooked for life!
Hi Shirley
Welcome from Melbourne Australia.

That's quite the variety of animals on your ranch, id love to have chickens and ducks but too many foxes where I live. Sorry to read that your mare lost her foal. I'm sure now that she is with you that she will make good progress and glad to hear she already has you "under her spell " .

Best of luck in the search for a stallion for Harli and hope you will post some pics of your horses and other animals for us all to see.

Welcome once again & hope you enjoy this place as much as we all do
Welcome from NC!!

We're happy to have you (back.) As Julie from Maine said, they're addicting. You can DEPEND on folks here being supportive, knowledgeable and, well.....ENABLERS!

When I asked if one mini + one shetland=enough or keep shopping I was told to "keep shopping". I did the happy dance, my husband fainted. LOL

Welcome Shirley!

Your mare is very pretty. Sorry your mare lost her foal. I live a little more than an hour away from Colville, WA. I do not own any minis as of yet, and I don't plan on getting a stallion. I do not know of a stallion around here. The website www.equinenow.com has a few stallions available for stud.

"When I asked if one mini + one shetland=enough or keep shopping I was told to "keep shopping". I did the happy dance, my husband fainted. LOL"

-Dragons Wish Farm That is so funny!

You know me, right?
I've been here a looong while LOL

I'm sorry your new mare lost her baby
I know you'll have her feeling better in no time!

Welcome here!

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