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Aug 24, 2004
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Rockford, IL
My 9 year old granddaughter is very excited about showing liberty this year in our local sanctioned AMHR show. She is having a hard time coming up with music that is hi beat and fast moving. Any suggestions would be appreciated as we have spent hours on this and are getting know were.

Thanks all

Im not giving away ravens secrets here she puts tons of time and energy into her liberty music.. but if you email me i will give you some of her suggestions.. she has 2 horses she shows maybe 3 this year one is somewhat slow a country pleasure type of horse really not liberty horse but she has fun and it is important to her the other is a kick butt liberty horse so she gets to choose from different types...

[email protected]
My grandaughter used "Girls just wanna have fun" last year and it worked nicely. She had one form the Lion King but I can't remember the name of it.Iliked that one too. Some of the older 70's and 80's music that has been remixed are really nice with more beat than the original. Good luck and have fun. Maryann
I have used Mambo #5 with my trainer, Barbie girl with my old show mare Buttons, and this year, I MAY use an offspring song for Dealer((nice drums so it will compliment his floaty trot)) and I might use Billy Idols Rebel Yell for Peanut.

Mony Mony by Billy Idle is always a hit. Just tell her to use a song that SHE likes. Or listen to music in the barn and see what the horse likes. Their ears should perk and they will look interested and such.
I don't have time to reply to this post, but I do have a page on my website giving Liberty Class tips. Might be worth checking it out. Most of all... just DO it! And ... have FUN!

I can think of a few good tracks that have that kind of hoof-beat feel.

Try "Blue Star", by Toby Emerson. Very good song, my all time favorite!


Or you could try FlightCrank - What U Need (Geneside II)

I think you can get it on CD, or download it at

I'll see if I can think of some more later! Good luck!
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Well I like music most dont like for liberty,

I have used

Bad Bad Leroy brown, Diamonds are a Girls Best Freind (moulin Rouge version), Gold finger, Golden eye, the Dukes of Hazzard theme, the speed racer theme, & Hawaii 50 theme. We have a masters event here for the over 45's which is just for fun and involves dressing up and wanted my mother to put on a tu tu herself and the horse and do the dance of the sugar plum faires, she wouldn't buy it though
Funny that
Ive got a whole .doc file full of song titles from when I was deciding on liberty songs, heres a bunch of suggestions.. some are quick and some slower

Michael Sembello - Maniac

Gloria Estefan - Conga

The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian

Letters to Cleo - I want you to want me

Fat Boy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

Michael Martin Murphey - Running Blood

Michael Martin Murphey - Tennessee Stud

Weather Girls - Its Raining Men (my Dad and my gelding Disco, aka "the lads", used this in the masters liberty victoria mentioned.. they had SO much fun)

TomJones - It's Not Unusual

Huey Lewis and the News - Hip to be Square

Jockjams - Cheerleading Megamix

Kylie Minogue - Locomotion

BeeGees - You Should Be Dancing

BeeGees - Stayin' Alive

Grease Soundtrack - You're the one that I want

Grease Soundtrack - Hound Dog

Grease Soundtrack - We Go together

Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine

Jennifer Saunders - I Need a Hero - Shrek2

Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible

Julie Brown - Cause I'm A Blonde

Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

N.E.R.D. - Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)

The Donnas - Take It Off

The Prodigy - Voodoo People

I also had a lot of EBM and industrial tracks (since I DJ that sort of music), but I figured I'D be the only one who enjoyed it so stayed with more recognisable and fun stuff.
We didn't really THINK too much about it.

Watched the horse for a while,

listened to the radio more than usual,

and it just CAME to us.

I think if you listen to more songs, it may just hit her.
We've tried to pick songs that best fit the horses personalities in the lyrics, as well as having 'varying' tempos. Fast and furious isn't always the way to go. It's great to have changes in your horses speed, having them do different gaits.

We've used 'Bad to the Bone', and 'Real Good Man' for Mark,

We've used 'Mi Vida Loca' for Skeeter

and 'Can't even get the Blues', for Blue (our blue roan mare).

Trying now to get a list up for this year.

Don't be too nervous about it though, have FUN. Liberty has got to be the most fun. I always look forward to that class, whether just watching, or actually doing it.
If I had a mare to show, I would use some Gwen Stefani music, I just love her.

But I have boys, so don't know what I'm going to use. Maybe some good ole Motley Crue
I don't show in Liberty (yet), but I am always trying to think of Liberty songs....

-Queen, "We Will Rock You"

-Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger"

-Kansas , "Carry On My Wayward Son"

-Deep Purple, "Smoke On the Water"

-Def Leppard, "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

-Billy Squire, "Everybody Wants You"

-Van Halen, "Running with the Devil"

-Poison, "Nothing but A Good Time"

-Bryan Adams, "Run To You"

-Foreigner, "Hot Blooded"

-Guns N Roses, "Paradise City" and/or "Welcome to the Jungle"

-INXS, "New Sensation"

-Metallica, "2x4"

-Molly Hatchet, "Flirting with Disaster"

-Parry Smith/Scandel, "Warrior"

Can you tell what type of music I am into?!

If you want country even though I'm not a country music fan I've always though "From A Jack to a King" by Ricky Van Shelton would be kind of catchy.


What about Motley Crue, "Girls Girls Girls" or "Kick Start My Heart"?!
For the first few times we did Liberty with Ruby we used "Tequila"! It worked really well and had almost now word so we didn't have to worry about that being 'appropriate'. For Rally (Who is like 28-") we use "Itty Bitty" by Alan Jackson! I have an entire list of songs written down as "Liberty Appropriate" (Most of them I've just seen other people use successfully, and I wanted to remember) PM if you want the list.

Good Luck!

Boss Mare said:
What about Motley Crue, "Girls Girls Girls" or "Kick Start My Heart"?! 


One of my 2 fave songs from them, so thats' what I been thinking. I still love 80 hairbands and want to incorporate that into my horses.

Also for Guns N Roses was thinking 'Paradise City'.

I also like the song and it has a good upbeat to it of 'Somebody Told Me' by The Killers. It makes you want to get up and dance.
Barbie girl with my old show mare Buttons
Man..and here I was last summer thinking I was sooo original using that song for my mare Rainy who is SUCH a little Barbie doll! LOL

After doing liberty in just one show I am so hooked! As I listen to the radio or watch movies and hear something upbeat I start to think "hmmmmm, maybe that would be a liberty song". I am sooo husband knows when I get "the look" during a movie when there is music fo an action scene and my eyes glaze because I am into the music imagining one of my horses strutting their stuff (10 times better than they ever would be in reality, BTW).

PocketPoniesVA said:
I am sooo husband knows when I get "the look" during a movie when there is music fo an action scene and my eyes glaze because I am into the music imagining one of my horses strutting their stuff (10 times better than they ever would be in reality, BTW).


Oh! I know what you mean! I do it all the time!

Hey, I have 8 more good songs:

The Crystal Method - Keep the party alive

Alice Deejay - Better off Alone

Patti LaBelle - New Attitude

Greenday - Basket Case

Goldfinger - Mable

DMX - It's all good (Edited Version)

2 Unlimited - Get ready 4 this (Let's get ready to rumble)

Darude - Sandstorm

All very good horsey songs!


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Well I have never shown in it yet, but when I was planning on doing so with my filly (who has now been sold) I was thinking of doing Aero Smith's Just Push Play. This filly is an absolute goof ball, she trumpets and flips her tail, and just flys around, fast at all of her gaits, even her walk looks like she's in fast foward!

I always wanted to use more Techno Type music, as I personally adore it, but most of our judges down here would Really frown on it I believe. My test is; if my mother wouldn't like it or at least put up with it, it's a no go.

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