Let's see those "oldies"!!

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Jun 18, 2005
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Hey everybody!! I just love seeing pictures of those horses standing the test of time.....so let's see em!! I have a couple of my own. Actually one, Brewers Dark Magic, who is 21 yrs old and the picture was taken last summer.


He's such a sweet boy. I just love him to death! And here is a 15-16 yr. old mare (sorry I can't remember exactly!), ARC Daisy Mae. She's the neatest and finally gave us a look alike filly that we will be keeping to follow in mommy's footsteps.


She's such a stinker...you can just all that personality in her eyes! This picture was taken today!

So please post pics of some of your old ones--20 and up (or your oldest!)
Well.....CockRobin no longer belongs to me, but he is the stallion we started with. Robin was the foundation of our whole breeding program & we owned him (and loved him!) for over 15 years!
I am (and always will be) very proud of this boy!
These are pictures that Angie Sauer had Liz McMillan take of him last year at age 26!




Dona I am just in LOVE with those pix of CockRobin! I always loved all the pix of him u posted but these are amazing. He is one fine horse of any age!!!!!!!

Here is one of my oldest a 20 year old blue eyed appy lady that we just bought last year after trying to for over 7 years now!!! She made us an amazing blue eyed black appy filly sired by our 20 year old Orion son. After reading Stacys post I think we will be calling our filly KEEPER too. She is not going anywhere!!!

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Here are our very special "Senior Citizens".........

Bond Peppy Power, now age 23 (photo from his days at NFC)


Yashica Light Vant Huttenest, now age 21, son of Orion Light Vant Huttenest (photo taken end of May this year). Still going strong and has his own herd of mares.


Yokohama Bird Vant Huttenest, now age 21, daughter of Orion Light Vant Huttenest, gave us a beautiful filly this year sired by Cross Country Call Me Awesome (photo taken about age 17)

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I have 2 Minis over the 20 year mark. I also have 2 big horses that are ages 29 and 26.

Here is one of my Mini mares, she is 21, this is Palmer's Laverne, AKA Lizzy. She is an Ayers Mini Red Man daughter and I just adore this girl. These pictures were just taken about a month ago. She was a great halter show horse in her day.



I have to upload pictures of my other oldie mare so I will post pictures of her tomorrow.
Here are our oldest:

Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest, 22


Del's Muffin, 23


and 4D's Cayenne Girl, 20

Here's our oldest boy...Valley View Jet Stream

Picture taken this summer at 23 years old.


And one of his daughters...Valley View All That Glitter, 16 years old.

These are wonderful pictures. So much history in those old lines, virtually living legends in the miniature world. Here's our wonderful old girl, Hemlock Brooks Amber Lace, 23 years young, sired by Del Tera's Apache. Amber gave us a beautiful black filly out of a Buckeroo grandson, and she is bred back for next year to Circle S Aces High.

Here is Miss Lulu who at 21 will be coming to live with us for a bit till she goes on to her forever home in a month or so. This picture was taken a couple of months ago.

Here is the oldest one on our farm...and the sweetest..most loving horse that ever was born....

Zorion Van Double Dutch..SON of Orion Light Van`t Huttenest


Mines in my Avatar- taking Show Champion last year at 25 years old, my Rabbit!! I also have his daughter, Clary, who is 22 and another daughter- full sister to Clary (Precious) who is 19-20 (sorry I'd have to look at her papers!!)
Chica, aka Miss American Pie, BLM mustang, captured at 3 or 4 years old

now 27 or 28...I've had her for 20 years


I'll have to pics of the blue hair brigade, currently living a life of ease at our leased pasture.

Dell Tera's Fancy Lady (AMHA) is (I think) 36 or 37. Fancypants is FUNNY and grumpy if she thinks you're lying about having treats. If she waddles ALL THE WAY across 20 acres, you had BETTER have treats! Fancy's best friend of many, many years was put down last year after a serious eye injury. They were the same age.

MMR Ariana (AMHA/AMHR) is a 25 year old CHIANTI daughter and FAT, FAT, FAT...and gorgeous

We have quite a few in the late teens. I think of them as in their prime, not old at all. They are producing the best babies they have ever had!
WOW, they still ALL look "Great". We don't have one yet that is over 20. We have one that is close. Ripl-K-Golden Babe (Glory) ASPC/AMHR

Foaled: 4 - 86 Ripl-K-Golden King X Ripl-K Golden Dolly




Dees Johnny Cash (Dee Dees Little Johnny Cash) is 24 this year. Photos taken last year. He is the most gentle breeding stallion I've ever seen. He's got excellent manners and has 50+ foals. 29/30". Sire of innumerable champions including Nat'l Grand Champion mare and National champion mare (two different mares). A sweet ol gent. He is in semi retirement with a friend now since his arthritis acts up in the winter and spring. Our filly from this year in our Avitar may be his last foal.

Thanks everybody! I think it's just so neat seeing all these older horses that look so GREAT! It's amazing how some of them still look like they're 3 year olds!

I've been a big fan of Cock Robin for many many years. He's a gorgeous stallion!
He needs no introduction to me!!

I"ve actually heard of many of these horses!!! It's really neat to see them aged and looking fine as ever.

Thanks again everybody for sharing your pictures!!
Here's our oldest mare, Jones' Cinder. She is 20 years old this year and we had a HUGE birthday party for her on July 28th for the big 2-0.

This picture was taken this year. She just had her 17th baby in a row this year!!!! Never missed a year! And she still looks stunning ! What more could you ask for?

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Ok finally here is my other old girl. Pictures taken last year, I need to upload new ones. She is 22 years old this year and going strong, acts like she's 5. But she was just diagnosed with Cushings so we will see how things go.

This is 32 inch Mini Mites Termite (wonderful name isn't it

We call her Grettle


Heavy in foal in these next 2 pics


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