Just wondering about the shows in NY

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[SIZE=12pt]Depends on how many show up!

Actually I have no idea.... used to live near there and attend the shows.. moved to KY in 2000 and have not made it back up there again.

They run a great show however!!

Good luck.


Toobad it's the ACBS (Antique Classic Boat Society) boat show is the same weekend..would be there in a minute...with my Over boys so that Judy can get all the ribbons LOL

[SIZE=14pt]A sr mares 32-34 usually 3-4 30-23 6 amateur mares 11-15.[/SIZE]

B mares only 3-4 usually. The next one also includes the ESMHA futurity so there may very well be more. You can e mail Laura Mullin to see what the entries look like. Carbon will be there in the A 30-32.... Probably McCarthys will be there with Michigans Pretty Penny who is 34 inches and almost always wins. Their other show mare is Michigans Blue Plate Specia, Also there is another michigan mare Little Princess owned by the Everetts that has been doing very well. The mares in NY are quite competative!

PS my brother and father will be at that boat show with their old Lyman wood boat that they restored..... Im not into boats.

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GET OUTTA TOWN????? What is the name of the boat? Into boats here at Willowood bigtime, that was hubby's hobby BEFORE horses! We have a GarWood and a Sachow (only one in existance Cruiser).....cool ....

[SIZE=14pt]Kim it is TraditionII and my brothers name is David Freund, my dad is Robert Freund. They belong to an antique boat club in NY and my brother does the newsletter or magazine or something.[/SIZE]

Thanks for the info, Lyn. My Under mare only needs one Grand to finish her Hall of Fame, so I'm thinking I'll take a shot at it instead of going to one of my favourite local, non-sanctioned shows. I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a chance, so I guess I'll see you and several others in New York a week from Saturday. We haven't shown there in the last couple of years, so it'll be nice to go back.
[SIZE=14pt]Judy I wont be there only my horses will be there with Bruce.[/SIZE]


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