Im getting a upgrade!!!

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Feb 4, 2009
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After years of using the most ugliest piece of blue turd bumper pull trailer Im getting a blue upgrade!

5 yrs ago I traded a FREE moter to some weirdo for his junk bp trailer and its been good to me since. Ugly, rusty and a eye sore it has got me to my shows and such. Then 3 yrs ago I got a 5x8 aluminum cargo trailer off the side of the road which was abandond cause it had a broken axle. So I made plans to convert it to a mini trailer. Put $250 in new tires and a axle on it and then it sat ever since. Then last fall I purchased a brand new 4x6 2011 Eclipes mini horse trailer which I love but not big enought to load more then 2 horses and wanted it for locally.

WELL today I purchased from a friend a big 2 horse bumper pull trailer for far distances and shows, and got a great deal...2002 for $1200!

I sold the cargo trailer for $800 cash and hopefully got the junk bp trailer sold for $600 soon.

Im super excited and cant wait! Only thing now is that I have to get used to pulling it as its way bigger then my old bp. The old junk one weights 900lbs, the new one weights 3700lbs.

Heres my upgrade!



Congratulations, MindyLee.........Your new trailer is really cute.
Oooh! I hope you post more pictures, closer, inside. Congratulations! I laughed all the way through your post. Ours is an 88' but it still looks pretty good, we need to paint it this summer. I would love to find a mini trailer in these parts.
Dont let the picture fool you! That is a big and tall trailer! It looks smaller or even a miniature size only cause the truck has a lift. That has hauled tennesse walkers.

Believe me, I bought and paid for it before I saw it in person and last night I went and seen it in the dark and holy moly its bigger then I was thinking. BUT What a great upgrade from my blue turd! Actually its the same thing as the turd only a lil longer and wider and newer!

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