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Welcome back! I was wondering how they were doing. It looks like she's getting there. Her udder can still fill more, you're looking for her nipples to point down instead of in, of course that's if she's going to go by the book. Do you have a camera on them at night?
No camera due to no electricity in the barn right now. We have been taking turns checking her. It helps having the two big kids. She's being checked 4 times a night currently. She seems to be making faster progress than she has been and she don't move away from us feeling and even lifts her leg up a little when we do.

Baby is harder to tell bc she has tons of hair, I can see progress on her but with the hair and her prickly personality it's hard to gage how much is being made. I'll attach her pic now.


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I've got a hairy, prickly mare now too! Even with pictures it's hard to tell sometimes! Your girl is looking more ready :) Good of kids to help too :) We don't have electric near our shed, but use really long extension cords, long ethernet cable and wireless extender. Works (most of the time). Good luck and will be waiting for the good news!
I know its been awhile but we are a few months away from having these girls for a year! It's flown by for us bc I'm also 9 months pregnant 🤭😂 so here are current teat pics and there has been some pretty good development. My husband has spent months saying the vet and I are wrong and they are just fat 🤣 well he can't deny they are filling now. They have both filled significantly over the past week. I'm incredibly nervous they will foal while I'm delivering our tiny human. 😬 Luckily I have our older kids to keep an eye on them but I still worry. Here's to hoping they wait until after I'm home from the hospital before they foal.😂😂


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They're definitely doing something but don't look ready yet. Are they elongating? I won't ask to see your pics but how close are you? It could be a race to the finish line! Your husband does know better than to tell you you're fat doesn't he?? Thank you, we need a bit of comedy relief right now 😁. Please keep us posted on how all three of you are doing.
I'm two weeks away from a c section. Oh he definitely knows better 🤣 he keeps telling me I'm smaller with this one than I was the other 3. 🤭

Scarlett's teats seem to be getting longer but Baby has had the most dramatic fill this week.
Tonight's udder pics.
Tried to up load a video above this don't think it worked. Im going to try to get some still shots from the video.

First pic on the left is Baby

Right is Scarlett
Hi, you are doing a brilliant job. Everyone who has given advice is right.
Just sit & talk to them when they are out whenever you can. Let them come to you & never let them feel they are being wayched by a predator. Don't take them over their thresholds. Turn your back & walk away at even the teeniest indication that they are eet they have to know that there's something "in it for them". The less rushed & anxiousYOU are, the calmer they'll become: slow & steady. Sit & read a book to them. Not kidding. I sang to one of my girls when she had to be in her stable 24/7 for 5 MONTHS after a fetlock fracture. Talk whig in with them. You can amuse yourself with something like your phone, the better. They will then learn that you're not trying to touch them. I truly understand where you are coming from. I adopted a gorgeous mare ex broodmare mini that the former owner said she "could" be in foal, and she looked it.
I got a pregnancy blood test done & it came back of ony 4% possibility of being in foal was pretty close to negative, so the dear old girl started on a weight reduction & excercise regime.
The poor sweet darling WAS preggo & 3 months later suddenly lay down & shot out a stunning little colt in the midst of a wild cold storm. Our wonderful vet was there within 10 minutes.
Sadly the little guy didn't make it & our vet who is an equine specialist said "that's a full term foal & in fact overcooked & that very likely he had died a week or so before birth.
Honestly I don't want to alarm you because it seems one of them isn't & the other is a maybe.
Will wait to hear how it's going but you're doing great!
Smart man😂
How long have they been showing changes? Can you move their tales to the side and get a pic to show if they are elongating? They are both maidens I think so the hope is they will follow the book. I hope you have another 3 weeks to go with them, if not are your kids and husband up on foaling problems and videos so they know what to look for and do? I think it's a little different than goats but then I've never has a goat so what do I know?
Keep info and pictures coming and we'll help you out as much as possible.
Baby has been up and down a lot today. The goat breeder in me says this is lining up foal. When she's down the back leg that is up goes out straight like she's having small contractions. I know the baby has shifted to the birth position, she's not wide anymore. Her vulva is loose and very long. No discharge as of yet. She doesn't appear to appreciate me checking in on her so she gets up and stares at me with a hateful look 😬 we are ready to handle the situation and I have a foaling box packed ready for use hopefully if she needs help she'll cooperate.


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You don't have a camera up right? They will probably be hard to catch, they like to wait till you aren't looking and/or pause when you show up. If you can peek between boards or around corners or something like that you might have a chance of being there when the foal is actually born. If they have a problem they normally are focused on what they are doing and will let you help, you have more than one person there so that's great. There isn't normally any discharge before birth, do you mean her water breaking? Or is that a goat thing? It sounds like she could be close! Good luck on a fast easy foaling with healthy momma and baby, or would that be Baby and baby?
Maybe discharge is a goat thing they usually stream a little goo to lube things up for a smooth exit. This is Baby and baby 😂 I would have changed her name but she knows it and responds to it.
No camera our barn has no power currently I've been trying to be sneaky but she hears me pull up. The barn is about two and a half football fields away from our house and with me a week from my own delivery walking would take me forever with this tiny human riding so low in my pelvis. I have good team set up for checking her my husband and our two older kids are going to be lots of help with this.
Hopefully we have a smooth delivery I'm a bit worried about her milk production. To me she don't seem to be filled enough, maybe it will fill after she foals?
That's a little too far to walk or run out cables, ugh. Just a thought, you can get solar wifi cameras. It would be too far to connect to your wifi in the house but could to a phone as a hotspot for quick checks close by maybe? Chances are she will get more of an udder before she foals but if not she should right after. If not your vet can give her a shot, just act quickly with calling him about that after foaling. If she hasn't had any more filling in her udder you probably have more time to go, the race is still on!
I agree with Taz, there are some options for cameras that you might consider. They make such a huge difference. I know some people use cameras that run off of cellular data.
Checking in to see how your CC went, if if you and your new human baby are doing well. Are you recovering well? I had a student do my emergency CC, she did such a fine job closing up that you can't find the scar unless searching for it. I hope you had someone like her!

How's your little mare coming along? Did you two stagger the births or is she still hanging on?
I'm recovering well and baby boy is doing great! I was warned with this being my 4th c section recovery might be harder but luckily it's been pretty smooth so far.

No foals yet hopefully they hold off and give me more time to heal before they have their babies. I want to be able to assist if I need to without calling in back up.


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