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Scarlett is back to her normal self, Thank goodness!!! We've been doing more walking with them in the woods on the trails. They LOVE it.
No real change in devolopment but I definitely feel pretty positive now both are brewing babies. Baby is starting to look a bit wide. Im guessing here but I think Scarlett will foal first. I know we still have a ways to go.... Hopefully they hold off on their babies until after our next group of does kid and our pyr has her puppies. I think I'll be in baby overload this fall 😂


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I've been trying to research colors. I can't for the life of me figure out what color these girls are. 😬 there are so many combinations I get confused. Scarlett is a paint, I believe. Baby, has so much going on I don't even know where to start. She has roaning all over her entire body and that's throwing me off. I have no clue. Any help would be much appreciated.
Okay so if you want to be technical. Scarlett looks like a black tobiano. Black being the base and Tobiano the pinto gene. Baby is pretty different looking. She’s definitely red based. I would suspect Sabino (another pinto pattern) causing the excessive white ticking. Occasionally tobiano can have incomplete penetration causing a roan like appearance but with the belly splotch I lean sabino. But they are both pintos for sure. Just a bit of trivia, pinto refers to a pattern and paint to the breed of horse. Gorgeous girls!!!
Yes, I'm going to say black tobiano and sorrel tobiano, with the sorrel also having sabino which is causing the roaning. The pattern is a difficult one to call but the white in the mane makes me think there is tobiano.
Thanks! The more I was looking trying to match colors to names to more confused I got.
Still watching and waiting..... I know we have a ways to go, it's been nerve wracking and fun doing prep work for babies. We are expecting a litter of great pyr puppies soon from our working dogs 😍 then baby goats in the fall. I'm gonna have my hands full when these girls finally foal.


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Maybe I missed your post but, what did the vet say? That is the only way you will know unless you want to worry and watch.
The vet has been out he gave them a physical exam and pulled blood( coggins) He said the blood test was unreliable? (I don't know, this is my first go with pregnant horses)he said they are too small for an internal exam and He doesn't have an ultrasound. He checked them over and confirmed foal movement on them both. 🤷
Current pics of the girls. Baby is starting to get pretty round.

We have puppies! 7 beautiful little chunky monkeys. 4 boys 3 girls momma and babies are doing great.


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Current pics of the girls. Baby is starting to get pretty round.

We have puppies! 7 beautiful little chunky monkeys. 4 boys 3 girls momma and babies are doing great.
Oh my goodness! Look at those babies! Looks like one happy mama too! We had a Great Pyr that we got when she was 8 years old (very old for the breed) and spent her life in a cage, not potty trained. Brought her home, learned to potty outside with the other dogs in one day (thank goodness!). She also saved our goat from a predator. Unfortunately we only had a few precious months with her before a first and only seizure took her. I want another one :) but my hands are already so full! Congratulations! And trust me when I say listen to your vet but trust your gut. Mine has been wrong about so much and not so pleasant anymore (I'm thinking burn out). The people on this forum are absolutely the best! (Thanks Taz and Ryan!!). I am on foal watch as well. Welcome to the club! Hang in there. It will seem like you are waiting FOREVER and then everything happens in the blink of an eye. My first foal was born 4/22 and now it looks like a "surprise" baby is on the way too (that's a long story of which I will spare you). Keep us posted!
No changes with the girls, unfortunately. They are enjoying the cooler weather we've been having the past few days.

The puppies are growing like weeds and keeping me busy.


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Slow progress but we are seeing small changes. I don't think we will see babies any time soon.
These are Scarlett today. She seems to be filling more and more each day. Also she will let me feel her bag now and that is new.


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