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Thank y'all, she has an appointment Friday afternoon. She has ZERO signs of discharge which is a hallmark sign of placentisis. So I’m REALLY hoping she’s actually due now. At this point if she’s not actually due soon, I’m not sure the foal has a high chance of survival even if I’m able to treat her and she holds off a bit longer. We will see…
Change of plans. Izzy is under camera now. She’s just showing too much for me to be comfortable. Next to no tail resistance and jello bum. Clear semi sticky fluid. Unfortunately I am out of ph strips. I will have to get some more asap.
Well the vet appointment was a failure. They told me Friday but apparently put me down for Thursday. So I “missed” my appointment. And then the equine vet wasn’t there today. They then informed me that they actually can’t help me check for placentitis. So there’s that. Seems they should have told me that in the first place. Anyway….Izzy is still holding. She looks like a mare due soon. No discharge and normal vitals. Acting 100% healthy. So I’m leaning towards her actually being due now.
Well y’all, I sure hope she’s due soon. She made a lot of changes today. Ph has started to drop and brix is off the charts.


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Izzy is testing 7.2 ph. Brix is 32. She’s dropping and has a nice big udder. Not much tail resistance and she’s started elongating.


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Testing 6.6 this morning. Teats haven’t quite filled but her udder is starting to resemble her foaling udder. She’s elongating. Jello bum. Very little tail resistance. And she’s dropped a lot. Unfortunately with a new week, class starts back up (I’m in graduate school for my Doctor of Physical Therapy). I will be 30 minutes away from 9:15 to 2:30ish. That’s why I put up the outside camera. Belle and her filly, Silvie, are with Izzy as Izzy does not like being by herself.


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Oh man, I hope you can check in on your phone while you're in class.
I see you, taking update piccies!!

Yesterday I about choked on my water when I saw a pinto foal in the shadows. Went back and read the thread more closely and found out she had company.😁

Glad she's progressing normally. I hope she'll accommodate your school schedule and foal on either end of your sleep schedule.🤗💖
Haha yup. She’s testing 6.0 now. Udder is quite large and hard. Doesn’t look QUITE there but that can happen very quickly especially testing as low as she is. She’s elongating and has hardly any muscle tone or tail resistance. My GUESS is tomorrow night but it wouldn’t surprise if she decided tonight was just as nice. Between foal watch and class I’m dragging already lol. Oh well, it’s what I signed up for. And I’m not complaining that she’s being textbook so far…improves my hope for no placentitis.


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Lots to update…

Izzy foaled a beautiful little filly last night. But as I feared she’s very premature. I made the decision pretty quickly to hospitalize her as she’s going to need a lot of care to even have a chance to survive. Izzy is doing well. She was flushed due to placentitis. But should have no long term effects. The filly has a very long way to go. I cannot bring myself to name her yet. I’d be ever so greatful for prayers. I will continue to update as I hear from the vet.

2/16 11:52 am
“Izzy is doing much better. They are going to flush her again. The placenta was really nasty. But she should be fine.

The filly, I cannot name her yet because that makes it seem like she will survive, is also doing better. She’s now up and walking all by herself. Much perkier. Still having trouble nursing but they are able to bottle feed her. She’s slow nursing but she’s drinking a lot. They are going to do plasma again soon. They said she’s nowhere near out of the woods but she’s improving rather than declining. They said do not get your hopes up yet. LONG way to go. But she’s still fighting to live.”

2/16 5:09 am
“Headed home. She’s very premie as I expected. They say 2 weeks premie at least so the hand breed date is probably correct. 279. She’s got a very uphill battle. Bloodwork came back good though. A bit dehydrated but organs are functioning. She has a suckle reflex and we were able to get her to nurse momentarily as well as drink from a bottle. She weighs MAYBE 10 lbs. She was able to get up on her own and walk in the stall. They are going to give plasma to try to help her energy levels. She’s so tiny the smallest catheter was too big. They made it work but they are having to watch it closely. Her lungs are going to be the determining factor the vet believes. We should know in the next 12-24 hrs if she’s got a chance. She’s still fighting.

Izzy was flushed. Confirmed some sort of placentitis. She’s doing well. A bit dehydrated but should be fine.”


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Dear Lord,

We know that all is in Your hands. We pray that You will abundantly bless Elizabeth, her family, and this tiny little filly. We pray You will give them the resources they'll need. We pray Izzy will continue to heal and provide nutrition and the will to live to her tiny filly. We pray You will gently blow Your breath of love, determination and strength into her lungs. As horse people supporting one another, we ask that You bless this filly with LIFE. We ask this in Jesus' name...Amen.

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