How do you say goodbye to a wonderful family member?

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Nov 30, 2002
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I had to say goodbye to my favorite little buddy today. I didn't think it was going to be today,,, but she got so she couldn't catch her breath. The vet said it was probably a tumor near her heart and lungs. They drained all the fluid in her chest, but it came right back. I had to let her go.

I have been bawling like I can't stop. She is my sit and drink coffee in the morning friend, or when I was in the bathroom, or on the porch. Or ask politely to share my food. She had to sleep in the middle of the end of the bed so she took up 1/4 of my space. I don't know how my home will feel the same. Monkey was such a great joy to me. I am sorry Monkey,, I didn't want you to suffer anymore.

The vet just called and said the blood tests said it was lymphoma.
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I am very sorry that you lost your little friend. Over the years I have lost many, but they are still there deep within my heart. Tomorrow, I will take Rox, my old Rottwieler to the vet again for xrays. I am afraid we are near her end also. She will be 12 soon, that's really old for a Rottie.

Again, I am sorry fpr your loss. I love her picture!


Hon, Monkey was your friend, a part of your heart. She knew it. You don't need to say you're sorry.......

Monkey is saying "thank you, Mom".......

I'm expecting to hear about you waking up during the night or early in the morning and feeling her against you in her usual spot. Give her a bit of time, but something tells me it will happen.
Oh, My, what a beautiful cat. I know it was a hard decision to make. I have two beautiful white members of my family that are now in their upper teens and thank heavens they are still in good health, but I'm not looking forward to the day they tell me it is time to go. I know about how they can entwine themselves into to heart and sole. My min pin (Little Man) just does not get it that I sould bestow attention on Mr Blue and Lilly--he just doesn't understand that they were here before he was--he is only 2. He gets a D- on his report card, for "Plays well with Others?".

I'm so sorry. I know how bad it hurts. What a tough decision, but I am sure you did the right thing. I am looking at making that same decision on one of mine very soon.
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Hugs to you!!!!! I know how hard it is to lose a loved furbaby. I lost the three cats I had for many years all within 2 years. One we helped over, one, well he ran away I think to spare me the agony of having to make the end of life decision, and my oldest dies on his own in the arms of my vet during a blood draw to figure out why he was sick. It was very hard to lose them all, they had been with me for some very tough times. I lost them all during my seperation and divorce, when I needed them most.

Having been a vet tech, and having helped many over to rainbow bridge, I can say that all of the really sick and suffering animals never fought the process. It is as so many claim, that they know what is to come, and seem to look forward to the final journey. We have to remember that as pet owners, it is up to us to know when the time to say good bye is. And even harder, we have to help them over. I know Monkey is very grateful to you and your compassion, to help end her suffering. There is nothing to be sorry about. Think of the poor animals who suffer in silence, the puppy mill pups, the hit by cars, the abused, who dont have an angel to help them.

The pain does fade, with time. I know it never really goes away, but someday the loving memories will flood into the gaps Monkey left behind, and you will find peace knowing she is in a much better place.

Feel free to have a good cry, I hope you can find support in someone close to you. Perhaps with time, you can find a way to honor Monkeys memory. Maybe plant some cat nip, or make a donation to a local shelter in her name.

My heart breaks for you...believe me, I understand. I have said goodbye to my beloved fur-friends over the years, but my loss of my soulmate Cody (horse) a year and a half ago has still left me empty inside. I don't know how to fix that pain - we love all our fur-friends, but to say goodbye to those that are in your heart and soul...that's a hole that I'm not sure how to heal from.

See my signature line...they say time heals everything, but I'm still waiting...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...

Liz R.
I know how you feel
I lost a wonderful friend July 7,2008

she was a dwarf hamster she was so small she was my buddy, she went from Oklahoma to where I live now

Alabama. she lived 3 yrs. she was a little cutie pie.

long live "Angel" my best buddy
Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your little Monkey girl. She was a beautiful cat, both inside and out.

Only time will allow your tears to stop. But there will always be a little hole in your heart where that friend can believe she is there in your memories forever and ever.

She is probably up there rubbing against Sierra's leg.
Oh Kim, they are our hearts aren't they. I'm so sorry for the empty place in your life right now, I know the pain.
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautifull Kitty......I know how hard it is to let them go. I had to help my guy over The Bridge on sad. Just remember the good times, and know that she loved you and that she KNEW that she was loved by you.
Monkey was so pretty. I'm sorry Kim. I've been broken in a million pieces seems like and I wish to heck I had some words for you but I know nothing really can help your pain. I'm sending you a huge cyber hug though! Wonderful painting of Monkey to remember. Just lovely.
Thank you guys so much....

My husband and I have some bad case of puffy eyes. It takes a while to retrain you thinking to not look for them, or call them,, or try to feed them dinner. Geez this is hard. I know you guys have all gone through this. Thank you for sharing.
I to have a kitty that is my best buddy. I'm sitting here bawling along with you because I can imagine how you feel loosing your precious little friend. I know it will take time for you to heal, I just pray that your heavy heart is lifted. God bless sweetie. I'll send prayers for your little Monkey. ((((Hugs))))
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Having just lost a beloved dog, I can surely relate to your losing sweet Monkey kitty. I find myself looking for my Carly in all her usual spots, waiting for her to vacuum up crumbs that I drop, and missing her laying on my feet. Soon your thoughts of Monkey will mostly bring smiles are you remember how much she enriched your life. My husband thinks that our Carly was an angel on earth and we'll see her again. I sure hope he's right. At least they are always in our hearts.


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