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Feb 25, 2019
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My days in foal calculator must have been wrong before, because we are heading on a year. It's 354 days today. It looked like she had a nice v shape going on, but clipping has revealed that it is mostly edema. Please don't tell her I posted pictures, she would be horribly embarrassed about her bad hair cut.


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No, I don't like to milk them. She has had a very A frame shape around her tail head for a couple weeks, but no real softness. Her tail was just starting to loosen up last night. Or maybe she was just too busy with dinner to clamp it down on me. Unfortunately she is going to be stuck doing this without supervision at this point. I have plans that can't be changed so she either needs to wait another 2 weeks or handle it all on her own.
You can also check for blood within the vulva. When the cervix starts to dilate, there will be some blood that happens. "Bloody show". Not as accurate to when they'll be delivering, but another indicator you can use if expressing the udder isn't something you want to do.
Pretty sure she already did that maybe 5 days ago. That's actually the first time I've seen that, so I'm not totally sure. I usually catch them losing the mucous plug, but I haven't seen one on her yet. She isn't very big, especially for a seasoned broodmare, and I'm starting to worry about her.

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