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Sep 16, 2013
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I had a whole long post typed out and then accidentally erased it all. Arrrrggh. Okay trying again!

I was referred here by a friend. I am "mom" to a 4 year old Quarter Horse mare that I raised from birth, and a yearling Paint filly that I have also had since birth. I have always wanted a Mini but never had a chance to until recently. About 3 months ago, a friend needed to find a home for a Pony she had so I bought her. She is a 6 year old 43", who-knows-what pony that was bred before I got her to a Mini stallion and is due around March of 2014. She hasn't had the greatest experiences with humans. When I got her she was so skittish she couldn't be touched or caught unless cornered, even the slightest movement (such as a rope swinging) or the slightest noise would send her into a panic, crashing into the round pen where I had her. For the past 3 months I've spent as much time with her as possible. I have done a ton of desensitizing and just taking her out for walks and to graze. Now she nickers to me every time she sees me, even if I'm just walking out to check the mail. She is easily caught, and isn't afraid of much anymore (she still has her moments lol).

I am currently starting to teach her some tricks and she LOVES it. My bigger horses know a few tricks so I thought I'd try them with Rosie to see if she enjoyed them. Since I got Rosie I am now hooked on the little ones. This Saturday I am bringing home a yearling Mini colt!

Here are a few pics of Rosie and I'll post some of the colt when he gets here Saturday. Wasn't sure if pictures of the bigger horses are allowed or if this forum is JUST for the little guys so I will post some later of my other girls if I can

This one was the day I got her:


A couple weeks ago... she's getting fuzzy already lol



"Smile" is her favorite trick!

Welcome to the forum!

Cute pony mare you have
I'll be looking forward to seeing your new colt too!

We love all horses here
A big welcome to you and Rosie from Wales in the UK, great to have you join us!

Yes pics of horses (or any other animals for that matter) are allowed and welcomed here on LB, so post away! And as Rosie gets closer to foaling, do come over to the Mare and Foal forum on here so we can join you and her on journey to producing that special baby for you - in fact pop over and have a read/join in now as we are watching/waiting for the mares due to foal in Australia.
Thank you for the warm welcome!
I will definitely go check out the mare and foal forum as well!!

I'll go ahead and share pics of my other two girls

This is Halo, she is a 4 year old Quarter Horse. I have had her since birth and done all of her training. She is my best friend and horsie soul mate! She knows several tricks, and I've done all of her training myself. I ride her bareback and bridleless which was the goal I set for us before she was even born. I always wanted a horse I could do that with, and am proud to have achieved it with her!




And this is Georgia, she is a 17 month old APHA filly. She knows a few tricks as well.



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