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Sep 10, 2003
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Now in Virginia
Rode Dyfra out the flex panel saddle. I have said she isn't powerful.... well she was today. Good grief was she pouring it on. Some nice medium Tolt... Tolt/canter but I rather have that than tolt/ pace as this point...some really smooth real canter...forgot how smooth and easy to ride it was. Took a bit to keep her out of she really did want to do a flying pace but no way am I doing that yet. Not safe with all the gopher holes anyway. She did not want to a nice slow tolt, though. Pretty much did what I asked without me being too hard on her. Not as light as she used to be but concidering how little I have been able to really ride her, she did very well.

She was sooo happy to be out. Only did one spook and sit back but sat it with no problems...easy to do when the saddle stays where it should.

What is nice, even though we rode such a fast pace, first time since the accident. I am not too sore. Tired but in a good way. Though will have to see what tomorrow brings... <LOL>

Should of had DS do some video shorts of I can see how I am sitting. Ah time.

Really enjoyed the ride.
[SIZE=12pt]That's great! What a nice first ride back. She tested you just enough to give the confidence to remember that you do know what you're doing
Shari, I'm so glad to hear that you got to go riding again!!!

Congratulations and many more happy, exhausting rides (but in a good way)!

Hey Shari that was great. You know the first couple of times back she'll be a little ruff around the edges but after you get her going, she'll be perfect. Just needs a good tune up like most of us. Make sure YOU take it easy and don't get yourself hurt. Baby steps for you both! Would love to see a video!
Shari, that 's wonderful! And what a day for a ride!

I just get this feeling lately when you write about Dyfra that she senses that you need her to take care of you...that the time is past for silliness.

Glad that she gave you the limo ride!

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