Do you think my mare is Pregnant or just Fat?

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I have an update.



This afternoon my brother was patting Snickas and he asked me why she was breathing weird, looking at her belly. So I put my hand on it and it was definitely moving, but it was softy moving, you could slightly feel it.

So now I am curious, is it too early to feel any movement? If not she was doing something weird.
Snickas is like 9 or 10 months now haha. Yay! That's exciting for me, I have never felt a baby move! It freaked my brother out because he saw her belly bulging around the flank. When Willow's foal was born in 2014 my brother saw a part of it, he wouldn't touch the foal until he had his first bath lol.
New update!!!

Today her udders are massive and she seems to have a lot of pressure on her hind end. She is walking around with her tail lifted a little, she is very touchy around her bum, I NEARLY got a good nip this morning from her when I looked at her udders.

Here are the photos. Is she close??

Sorry for the poor quality.





Its nearly 3 am and i have decided to leave them sort the rest out, they have been communicating and the foal is toddling around, she was also searching for milk. I will post photos at daylight ?
Snikas is laying down a lot probably due to still being in pain. If you don't have anything for pain, she will be up and around in a few hours. Just make sure baby gets to nurse, so she gets her colostrum.
All is well now!

Had a bit of trouble trying to get the foal to feed because Snickas udders were rock hard and her nipples were sucked up so the foal couldn't get to it. She was suckling the air looking for a teat. I was getting worried that she wasn't going to be able to feed and would become weak and tired, so I tied Snickas up and gave her a bucket of hay while I worked on getting the foal to feed. Still no luck, so I ran upstairs and got a teat and bottle, and milked her a little, but the teat was too big for her little mouth.

But baby wasnt giving up, we had little breaks in between each try, she tried so hard and I helped all I could, Snickas udders softened up a bit and after a while my guidance was less needed. She drunk away, then she was all tuckered out and had a nap

Im so happy, I am still going to hang around them and make sure she continues to feed and I have to watch for her to do her first poop as I read on a site.

Congratulations Carly ,

You should be so proud of the amazing job you have done , you stayed calm and asked questions, glad she is now drinking

Told you the wait would be worth it , She is adorable

Cant wait to see some more pics when she settles in
Thanks Ryan

Im proud of her too for not giving up
She is! I just want to bear hug her and give her kisses, containing myself from that though lol. Also so proud of my Nikkie doing it all by herself, All the other ponies came up from the paddock watching through the fence, her little support group

I will surely have photos when she does! Thanks so much for your help this morning as well Ryan

And thanks all who helped me with her progress and all my questions, I really appreciate it
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Thanks Diane!

I am a little concerned about her eyelashes. They are going in her eye, I have been getting warm damp cotton balls and gently wiping across her eye to get them back out, its making her blink a lot with them in there, the other one has stopped going in thankfully but this one keeps going in, I am not sure if I should keep doing what Im doing or if there is something else i should do. Our last foal born here had the same thing and his owner trimmed them with scissors, it worked but I dont know if thats dangerous for the foal.

I have been searching about it and this thing called "Entropion" is all I get. I read it and it says you need a vet to put stitches to pull the eyelid and eyelashes away from the corneal surface. then I looked at photos and it looks nothing like it. Her eye is normal just the lashes are pointing down.
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