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Sep 11, 2007
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Milton, New Hampshire
Just when I convince myself my mare is not in foal, I end up thinking maybe she is. A new Vet out of school did an ultrasound in April, but didnt find a foal. Of course from what I'm told, Vets miss mini foals with ultrasound all the time. This is my first mini. So again, I'm wondering, What do you think? If there is anyone out there that is in my area and would like to check her out in person, I will welcome you with opened arms! I'm on the Milton NH/Lebanon Maine border.

So what do you think?




While than she is only 7 months, just being able to tell by looks if they are pregnant?

You sure could say she is
She sure looks preggers to me! And she looks farther along than having a September baby!
The vet yesterday on the phone told me that US after the beginning stages would only show blobs. I asked on equine repro and this was my answer:

The problem with any potential pregnancy detection at this stage (from as early as 65 through to about 150 days) is that the weigh of the pregnancy can cause the fetus itself to drop over the pelvic brim into the abdominal cavity, and out of reach of the ultrasonographer. If it wasn't for that, it shouldn't be a problem for an experienced ultrasonographer to identify a pregnancy or possibly two pregnancies, as there should be a very visible heart beat, as well as other easily identifiable structures (head, thorax showing ribs etc.) - but, as I say, the issue at this stage is actually reaching the darn thing.

Concerning external US:

If you are lucky and have a good ultrasound and ultrasonographer, and a small mare, then it might be a possibility, but consider that there is a lot of tissue between the ultrasound probe and the fetus...

Basically a blood test is about the most reliable to determine pregnancy.Well unless you can see or feel movement!

From what I have been told an internal US would not have seen the foal. Because she was in the window where the foal dropped over the pelvic brim. I say have the vet out to draw blood.
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Well for what its worth (I have been wrong.... oops no no , only mistaken ;) before) I think she looks VERY pregnant. Seriously she is much bigger than the last time you posted her pictures and sure doesn't look like she could go until September to me. I agree with Bonny, try a blood test (altho they aren't 100% either) I would have a hard time convincing myself that horse is not pregnant.
She sure looks pregnant to me!! All lopsided at times etc. Can we see pictures of her bag? Or lack there of?
That first pic especially, I think, where she is lopsided, she looks DEFINITELY pregnant. And I don't think there is any way she'll hold out til September!

Have you tried the "mare hug" to feel for movement? I generally do this when I feed the mare, she is happier to stand still, and for some reason the foal tends to be more active when she is eating too. I stand at her side, facing her rear, and reach both arms around her belly (as far as I can) and hold that position for as long as I can, waiting for foal movement.

Good luck with her, I hope you are able to find out for sure one way or the other, SOON!
two ultrasounds, neither one found a foal. two weefoal tests, the first one positive, the second one negative. I assumed she was in foal and lost it.

My husband thinks I'm nuts and is going to have a fit if I go to a 3rd Vet for ANOTHER opinion! LOL!

No bag at all, I don't think.

I will try the mare hug later, someone else has suggested that to me also.

How old is this mare and how many foals has she had

I have seen a lot of older mares that have had a lot of foals that look like this even when they are not in foal
I am on the list of members who say"Pregnant"....sure looks like it to me.

Someone on the forum said to stand behind the mare with one hand on the rump and the other one under the belly.

Then in that position I will talk to the mare and ask if I can feel the baby. Pretty soon I feel the baby move.

It works
KayKay, she is 7 years old and has had 2 foals. The last one is 2 years old.

Ok, ok, I'm going out shortly to do this belly hug thing!! LOL!!! I know she won't stand still!
Belly wise she looks exactly like my mare who is due in two weeks! My mare started to bag up last week but that doesn't always happen. If I were you I would be keeping a close watch on her because it looks like she has already dropped.
I've been watching your posts on this mare. MAN does she look preggers. Keep watching her and keep checking that udder - just in case!
Well if she's not in foal, that is the fattest 'thyroid' mare I've ever seen!!!
In the third photo down that you showed, your mare looks to have what our vet calls "Ventral Edema". This can show up in mares in later pregnancy who have had foals before.

My GUESS is that your mare is about a month to 6 weeks away, going by how our mares develop. This would explain why she doesn't have a bag yet.

Also, in regard to the ultra sound....... A new vet out of vet school MAY NOT be experienced enough doing ultra sounds to know that in the latter stages of pregnancy, the foal can drop and not be visible to the machine. An experienced technician would still be able to recognize a "pregnant uterus" -- even if they don't see a baby.

I would treat her and watch her as if she were pregnant, if it were me.......and just wait it out.
I could have written this exact post almost word-for word! I have a mare that could have accidentally been bred through a gate some time between July and Sept. of last year. She will be eight years old this year and has had two foals, the last one in 2007. She looks exactly like she did last year prior to foaling, despite my cutting her grain down to 1/2 cup the last few months and decreasing her hay. I cut her grain earlier this week to 1/4 cup, barely anything. I will try to post pics. What do you think?


I would say luvr4idesaddleseat your mare is pregnant, too. I did the ring test on my mare and it showed a filly. I did the wee foal test a few days ago and it said negative, unless the "T" line shown is really a ghost line (which could indicate a pregnancy). It is very light. I have emailed Wee Foal for advice. My mare has also shown discomfort over the last few months and today was lying in my pasture, which is odd for her--she is usually eating grass when out. I am totally stumped. I don't want to pay for a farm call and will just wait and see. She also has slight udder development and the "pad" in front of her udder and has looked lopsided at times.
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I think your mare is about to blow........a foal that is.

Get prepared and be sure she is off the grass and you are feeding her up real good.

If she is not pregnant, then you have a problem of somekind but I surely think she is.

Lotsofspots, you too! Feed this ladies!

I had one that didn't get any bag until after the foal was born by the way.

Good luck and best wishes!

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