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Aug 17, 2003
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Hmm....use your imagination. Are you wanting to practice cones, or use the cones to help make your circles/lines better?

For practicing cones, you can set it up in figure eights of varying size, spirals that close in or widen, serpentines, etc. The serpentine is a line of about 4 cones that are used as the 'centerline' of the serpentine--enter on the (doesn't matter which side...depends on the color of the marker if you use them) say, left side, the next cone, you would go around the right side, and so on.

If you have markers, the red is on the right, white is on the left. So, for a serpentine, starting at the left side( the | is you):

And exit after passing

this cone(D):

D |

| C

B |

| A

Enter here:^

Be creative--for accepted rules and distances, you can look online at the ADS website, but its easier to just play on your own.

If for improving a circle or something, place them where you are having problems, or at the four 'contact' points of the circle, to keep it round.
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