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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
I got an email yesterday from a new(?) website that can calculate your foals color based on the color/pattern of its' sire/dam. Interesting site, but you have to PAY for the service! I think if I'm going to pay to know the color/pattern of my horses, I'll pay a lab!

Here's the link if anybody is interested.
I just tried it out. You're right , at the end of the calculations , you have to pay for the "answer" ! Wow.... there's websites out there right now that for nothing , will help you out in figuring out the color of your foal. Isn't it something how some people will try to get a few bucks for the same thing
I got that one too & felt the same way. There are so many free ways to do that on the internet now who would want to pay. Also what really got me was there is nothing to indicate upfront that you have to pay.
You get all the way to the bottom & then it explains you accumulate credits & then sends you to paypal to pay for those credits to get your results.

Unfortunately for them mine is now in file #13.

The worst to me is that I'm not going to pay for a service that simply can't be accurate, since they left out certain color types, that certainly influence the resulting foal's color (no silver dapple or silver bay, no blue eyes ...).
I got it too and thought that it was a fun "fantasy game". When I learned it was a money making plan, I "un" bookmarked it. If it were free, it would be fun to play with.

Yes I got it too. If they DON"T get the color right, do you get a refund?

Would be nice to pick the mini colors alright! Personally I like Christmas early, or is it late?

I got it too, went through the process until it said pay now LOL. Circular file

NO mention of LWO, NO mention of blue eyes, NO mention of the fact that Snowcap is H/Z.....Oh deary, deary me!!! AND I have to PAY for this??????
I did get word that they are "still working on adding colors to this site".. Pinto patterns are "currently" being worked out a little better, and possibly Appaloosa patterns will come next. It will be intresting to see all of the final combinations that they come up with.
I got the email, IMHO its just another way of getting into my wallet....
This thread got me to thinking about the color possibilities. (Its too hot to work outside this afternoon.)

Let’s say you breed a black horse with some minimal white markings (ie. Socks, blaze) to a Red horse that also has some similar minimal white markings. What are the possibilities for colors of the foal?

Well, the Black could easily have one Black color gene and one Red color gene (Red being recessive, it would not show). Additionally, the Black could carry Cream (making it a Smokey Black) which would not show. The white markings might indicate ANY of the Pinto genes: Tobiano, Splash, Sabino, or LWO. The Black horse could not be carrying either Silver or Agouti, as they would show on a Black horse

The Red horse would of course be homozygous for Red as Red is a recessive color. It cannot carry Cream as Cream will show on a Red horse as Palomino. It can however carry Silver and Agouti, which would not show on Red. The White markings on the Red horse also could be ANY of the Pinto genes.

Therefore, the resulting foal COULD be any of the following colors:

Red (by receiving Red gene from BOTH parents and not the Cream gene)

Black (by receiving Black gene from one parent and recessive Red from the other and not receiving the Silver or Agouti genes)

Bay (by receiving the Black gene from one parent and Agouti from the other)

Silver (by receiving the Black gene from one parent and the silver from the other)

Silver Bay (by receiving the Black gene from one parent and both the Silver and Agouti genes from the other parent)

Palomino (by receiving red genes from both parents and the Cream gene from the Smokey Black parent)

Buckskin (by receiving both the Black gene and Cream gene from one parent and the Agouti from the other)

Silver Buckskin (by receiving both the Black gene and Cream gene from one parent and both the Agouti and the Silver gene from the other)

White (as in maximum expression of one of the Pinto patterns, especially Sabino OR a Lethal White if both parents were LWO positive)

The foal could be solid (assuming neither of the parents was homozygous for one of the Pinto genes) or Pinto, either minimally expressed or maximum expressed.

The foal COULD NOT be Cremello or Perlino as it would have to get a Cream gene from BOTH parents and if the Red parent had a Cream gene, it would be a Palomino. It also could not be a Dun, as that would have shown on one of the parents.

And this web-site wants to charge for their prediction of foal color based on the color of the parents??? I hope they guarantee their results.
well if they can predict appy colors(patterns) which even long term breeders cant do yet it will sure be interesting
HMMMMM I got it to and that is really fishy as I never even get the scammers ....
I look askance at any unsolicited emails that are asking for my money... I deleted the email and blocked the sender. I'm not going to pay for something I can do myself and more accurately!!
It's pretty easy to get that for free! The only problem is many times, people don't know the true color of their horses and then when you throw in coat modifiers like gray, roan, sooty (or smutty), etc. it makes it even harder to predict the outcome

Actually I have quite a few books on genetics and equine color - if anyone wants to pm me with colors, I can give you the color combos with percentages.
Hello All,

I am one of the people working on ColorFoal and this thread was brought to my attention by some of the Miniature people that I work with. They thought that I might want to respond to some of the issues that were brought up.

First of all, thank you (and I really mean it) for bringing these matters up. The site was originally put up as a simple educational tool because alot of people have false or incomplete information on the details of horse color and pattern. We had seen more than enough "throw-away babies" (such a term should never exist!) from color breeders with wrong information - and it is all over the place (books, web, etc). We get alot of fan mail all of the time, but all of the pats on the back in the world do not help us fix things that may be unclear or misplaced.

On to the issues...

Sorry for the confusion over it being a pay-to-play site. We have made some changes to try to make it clear that you have to pay to see the results. It had never come up before, but it needed to be fixed if even a single person was misled by it. We do not want people to get the wrong idea and it costs us each time a calculation is run. So, nobody wins.

A guarantee has been added. We have had so many genetics experts and breeders validate all of the data, that the guarantee was an afterthought that was omitted before. The calculations are accurate.

You can choose the silver dapple colors from the "Silvers" tab when picking a color. There have also been terminology issues concerning color nicknames, that is why there is an "Also Called" entry. For example people have asked about Chestnut Silver, which is technically Bay Silver. Just a nickname although Silver Dapple has no visual expression on a Chestnut.

LWO. If you choose the Overo Frame pattern for both parents, you will get a Lethal Foal in the results (with a sad little foal picture to make sure that it stands out). For the sire/dam calculator, it will not show a mate that would possibly result in a Lethal Foal.

Again, sorry if there was any confusion, but thank you for bringing it to our attention. I just joined to post this response and do not plan to come back (unless my adoration for the Miniatures keeps growing and we end up raising them, too). So, if you have any more concerns or questions, please contact us. Thanks again and please continue to be responsible breeders.

Chuck A. Baker

just curious and really not being snotty so please dont take it that way but what do you mean silver chestnut is really silver bay? While the issue of whether or not silver can be seen on chestnut aside it is very possible to have a true chestnut horse (or palomino or cremello) that also carries the silver gene therefore making silver chestnut a true and actual genetic color even if you "cant" see it. But maybe I am misunderstanding you?
Okay, browser was still open, I'll come back this once.

Yes, you are correct about Chestnuts carrying the Silver, but hidden.

Most of the problems come from the terminology of which group decides to give certain color names.

In the case of Miniatures, Naviaux refers to the color Silver Chestnut quite a bit. I have found several resources that found they are actually genetically Bay Silvers (some are Black). I even know someone who has a stallion featured in one of her books that was shocked to find out that her Silver Chestnut was not a Chestnut at all once he started breeding.

It is really a matter of what you call it is what you call it. Potato, potato.

This is by far the biggest problem that we have faced so far. People get their egos involved in their terminology... and that's it's mostly the geneticists.

Okay, closing the browser. I am serious this time.

- Chuck

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