Itty bitty boots (1.5 inches wide)

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May 25, 2021
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Central New York
Hello everybody! I just wanted to share my new find for tiny boots for while foals are still growing if you bring them inside. I found them listed as dog boots, but they're silicone and offer just enough traction while fitting well that Sodapop can comfortably bebop around the house. According to measurements, all of the horse boots are just too big for her. I've got a few more styles to try from a group dedicated to other service horses, but so far these are my favorite for indoor use. These are marketed as rainboots, not hot-weather boots, so I only use these indoors.

I am changing these slightly though- I added a slit down the back to make it easier to put on, running from the top of the boot directly down the middle, right to the edge of the bottom. I plan on adding velcro to allow me to 'close' the gap to give her a better fit. I got the large size (reviews say they run a bit small), and they fit her well with enough room. They don't twist around at all, and she seems to enjoy them now that she's used to them (she stands still while I put them on, travels the house faster, and hates when I take them off of her).

I was using vet wrap, but a few online folks and my Ferrier all warned against it when they heard I used to use it, because apparently it can cut off circulation and cause the entire hoof capsule to fall off. 😖

1632056092805.png 1632056351350.png 1632057499873.png1632057515149.png

Do any of you have suggestions for truly tiny feet while they are still growing? I've tried the vet wrap (and quickly stopped using it), then I was using baby socks with grippy bottoms for quite awhile, with velcro attached (she kept stepping on the excess fabric and pulling them off), and am now using these. She can walk indoors easily enough without them, but seems most comfortable with them on and is no longer slipping when she gets tiered (she fights her naps, lol... Her legs will slowly start slipping out from under her untill she finally lays down to sleep).

Most service horses are gotten as mature adults so they can do mobility straight away, and already have all the basics trained. I decided to go with a foal so I know exactly what her past is; and to do all her training myself. So far it's been paying off, she's already one of the calmest and most level-headed horses I've ever lived with. My biggest holdup is how she's not a forward-thinking horse, she's more of a, 'Can I just lay down and eat instead of walking?' horse. 🤣

But because not many people start with foals, there's not much in the way of resources (there's barely anything to begin with for fully grown horses) for foals specifically.

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