Close to foaling ???---Day 346-we lost our colt :(

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I am just reading this and want to add how sorry I am. This happened to me TWICE, with the same mare both times, with her on Mare Stare. I feel your pain. We decided never to breed our favorite all around mare (and we never did) and now we have given up breeding entirely. Our stallion and his yearling colt are being gelded next week. We feel lucky to have never lost a mare. I do not miss the stress and sleepless nights at all. If I want another mini I will buy just what I want and save money and grief.
Mary, it's so nice that you stopped in. We all miss you and your wonderful input. I read your post that you were giving up breeding, and gelding your boys. You have produced some incredible babies with that wonderful stallion, and we hope you will continue to come here and share with everyone, and post some pictures of those beautiful babies!
I agree with Diane - we will so miss your knowledgable input, your friendship and the pics of your beautiul furkids. Hoping that you will stay in touch and post us lots of updated pictures every now and again.

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