Close to foaling ???---Day 346-we lost our colt :(

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Great comparison pictures! Doesn't look as though you will have long to wait to see this baby!
You've definitely identified the changes between the two days. She won't wait much longer, I don't think. You'll be playing with baby VERY soon. Don't take your eyes off her or leave her without someone watching her now. She could go any time. Reread the pinned threads and be prepared! Baby is coming soon!
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Awww, this should be a beautiful baby. Looking forward to seeing the results of all the long days of "baking"...!
Sadie had her colt this morning around 4am. He was sorrel pinto, but may have been pintaloosa. He had striped hooves and only a couple white patches on the top of his rump. LONG legs. He may have been around 22-23" tall, but not sure. We didn't measure him. Cute little guy. We had the cams on that we just got 2 days ago, but didn't get out there soon enough. He couldn't get out of the bag. I'm mad at myself for not getting out there. We didn't see her go down and when we came back he was on the ground. We tried to help him survive, but he was too far gone. The vet wasn't too hopeful when we called her either. We didn't have her come out since it didn't look promising. Would have taken half an hour at least for her to get here. So frustrated!!!! Hard to lose him, especially since I feel it was my fault. I was pretty sure she was going to foal tonight just from different behaviors--didn't dump grain bucket, standing in different corner, and tried kicking me at feeding time. Other than that, there was nothing new or different than any other day or night. I'm gonna contact local vets in the morning and see if they know of any orphan foals...might be able to help someone not have to feed a foal every couple hours. Doubt there will be anyone, but ya never know. Poor Sadie is so anxious and depressed!! I don't blame her. I'm staying up watching her on the camera to make sure she doesn't colic from anxiety. She has been pacing, lays down every now and then, gets up, shakes her head, etc. I know she doesn't feel "good" for several reasons, but I still don't want her to colic. I really want a foal from those two, but at the same time, I don't want to go through the pregnancy and delivery aspect of things again. She seems to foal easily, but I don't want the risk for her or the risk of losing another foal to that. I've been considering gelding our stallion this spring--he's 18 now I think. I'd have to look at his papers. So many thoughts at 6am.
I am so sorry for your loss, please don't blame yourself. You weren't to know.

Rest in Peace little one xx
I'm so sorry for your loss...(((HUGS)))

so glad it sounds as your mare will be ok

It's so heartbreaking to lose a foal after waiting so long.

We almost came close to losing both our foals due to bag not tearing

but Thank God made it out in time both times, there is so little time to save that situation

I am thankful our house is very close to the barn and for marestare phone calls
So sad to read this. Mom's have to grieve, too, so sometimes leaving baby with mom until she acknowledges her loss can take away her anxiety and help keep her from stressing too much.

She might also need some banamine -- 1cc/100 pounds. The birth can still be painful, and her behavior can be from pain as well as loss. The banamine will help settle her and relax her pain. Remember, even though there has been a loss, please give her some soft mushy feeds during this next 24 hours, to help her system get running again.

Sounds like your mare will be fine which is the important thing.

Breeding is not for the faint of heart, but if you're wanting a baby from this cross, don't be afraid to try again. An 18 year old stallion is 'young' for breeding, they can breed well into their 20's. The key is always taking the extra steps to watch and be there for the birth. I'm sure the next time, you'll be there and everything will turn out fine.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry you lost your foal. I learned the hard way mares do grieve and it takes them a while. It's so painful and heartbreaking. Just sending you sympathy.
I'm so sorry that you lost the foal. In spite of all the cameras etc etc, as we say, the only sure way is to be sitting with them on the run up to foaling. But even in spite of actually being with my girls, I lost a beautiful filly to an unbroken bag simply because the mare was quietly eating her hay and I needed the loo. Five minutes was too late!! Lesson learnt - no loo unless someone can take over!

Have you left the foal with her - most mares need the time to assure themselves that their baby is actually dead (and this can take anything from a day to a week or more), she will stress less if she is not 'searching' for her lost little one. But also, as Diane says, she may be in pain too and this can lead to unsettled behaviour.

Sending ((((HUGS)))) to you and to her, bless her.
Oh, and the more we thought about it after the fact, we are pretty sure he was breech. His head was closer to Sadie's bum than his back feet. We don't think she had gotten up yet. We are so thankful that we still have Sadie!! I know it's easy to focus on the losing the baby and hard to remember to be thankful for our sweet mare.
The mare is the most important thing. The baby's are a gift, but saving the mare is the most important.

We've all lost a baby in the sac, well, I'm sure most of us have. So you have good company here. But, it makes us wiser next time. So, don't give up on your 'favorite' cross just yet.

Sending lots of {{{{HUGS}}}} to you, and hoping Sadie is doing better.
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How's Sadie this morning? Hope she's feeling better and more settled bless her. As Diane says, our mares are so special but the foals are a gift that, sadly, we are sometimes not allowed to have.

Again, ((((HUGS)))) for you both.
Sorry for your loss. Don't beat yourself up too much over losing the colt. We all make mistakes no matter our experience. The key is to learn from those mistakes. Next time things will go better.
Thanks everyone. Sadie is pretty depressed. Luckily she is eating and drinking though. I know if will take her some time to grieve. I feel bad for her. We put our 3 yr old filly in with her, and the filly is alpha right now. Very strange to see. Normally Sadie is alpha. She is very happy for the company though. Her milk supply is very low and I think our chance to put an orphan on her is gone. Haven't been able to find one anywhere since it's so early in the season.

I'm trying not to beat myself up over it, but still mad that I wasn't there in time. I had some hope when I got out there and he was still alive, but so hard to have him die in my arms after trying to help him. After-the-fact I keep thinking of different things I could have tried. I know I can't change anything, but it's still hard. I hate going down to the stall. It's just a reminder. Sadie isn't going in there at all either. In the mean time, we are just plugging along. I'm thinking I'm not going to breed her anymore. Foal was breech and 23.5-24" tall. He was pretty heavy too. Big baby for a 32" mare. I'm grateful that she was able to deliver him and be okay though!! I think we are just going to look for a foal to get this spring/summer at auction or as a rescue. That's how we got our 3yr old. She was in bad shape as a 6 month old. 23" tall (20" at birth), skin, bones, and fur is all that made her. We got her for $150, even though owners asked for $400. She is an excellent horse, very healthy, and will make an INCREDIBLE driving horse. Neat mover!! Anyhow, that would be a safer route in terms of safety for Sadie and would help another foal rather than making another one. There are tons of minis in our area and also a handful of kill pens.

After he had dried off and hubby got home Sunday afternoon, we buried him in the back pasture in our "animal graveyard". He looked so much like Sadie in terms of color. Had the same nose color. He was definitely more appy than anything. Mottled genitals, striped hooves. He had all white long legs, and 3 very strange spots on top of his hips-almost like lines in some ways. Would have been neat to see him clipped and see what those spots/stripes really were. He was really cool looking.
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I love the way you are thinking amongst all the sadness - to perhaps rescue a foal like you did with your 3 year old, would be a fitting tribute to the little one you have lost.

So glad to hear that Sadie is eating and drinking ok, it sounds as though she will soon be back to her old self, she just needs time and your love.
That's a wonderful idea about adopting/purchasing another foal. There are so many out there, and certainly Sadie would not be at risk. Such kind thinking.

I'm glad Sadie is doing well. And don't beat yourself up, these things happen in breeding. And if you choose not to breed again, but can give another little one a wonderful home, that's sensational!

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