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Jun 12, 2005
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We have a donkey hes really sweet when u finally catch him but we cant catch him to save our lives does anybody have any advice on how to catch him??
I always do things the slow way, while there are other methods, this one has worked best for me.

Make sure you have lots of time,,,,Sit in the pasture and read a book. Sooner or later when the reading gets good, you'll have a donkey muzzle in the middle of it.

Itch his nose, then ignore him,, when he does it again, itch a little farther up his neck,, pretty soon you should be able to get a rope around his neck. Itch, give treats and say good boy!!
I agree with Shari: Take your time most donkeys I have been around can't wait to come up to you , and they become a pest because you can't get them away from you and do other things. So just spend literally hours in the pen. The donkey out of curiosity will just Have to come up and see what you are and so on.. so be very quite and slow and soon the little one will be your best buddy.
Thanks yall but we have 6 other horses in the pen that do like to get caught and see u and i think they wouldnt leave and then i donkey would never come and suggestions b\c we have ppl that wont to buy him but we cant catch him

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