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Apr 30, 2008
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Jetersville, VA
I resued a mini a while back and now would like to find her a companion. We are rescuers in general so we prefer a horse who most others would not want. Well, I found a little mare my Ginger's same age and she needs a forever home. She has a deformed foot/hoof so she is not able to be used for breeding, pulling, etc. She is perfect for us and will be loved for the rest of her life. Our only problem is getting her from NJ to VA. We don't have a trailer and need a transport. Is anyone headed from NJ to to VA anytime soon? The person who owns the mare now has posted a request on the transport need area for me but I thought I would just get this info out as many places as I can to help this little mare come to her forever home. I contacted a hauling company but they want 320.00 and this is a tough thing to come up with since our rescue budget is not very big. This is in addition to her adoption fee so we are just looking for any help if possible.

Thank you!


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