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Jan 1, 2008
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Sorry yall my worried topic was accidentally deleted so I am starting this to ask a few more Questions.

Just for the back ground I got bonny dec 28 07. She was with a stallion for 6-8 months at that point.

I wee foal tested in Jan and test was neg. I wee foal tested in Feb test was pos. I had external US done in March showed no foal so I had blood work drawn. It said neg.

Bonny is still getting wider and she has steadily since Dec, she was under weight when I got her and was 43 inches around. She was 48 inches in Feb and today she was almost 53.

I got a lot of yall saying she looked in foal and some said she needs weight. I am feeding her hay 24/7 and she gets 1 lbs of safechoice 3 times a day. The last few days she has felt ribby. I would like to know if yall think she is relaxing in her tail croup. Seems she is and her tail may be easier to lift I will post a few pics.







her vulva





Her Tummy Dec


Her tummy in March



Tummy Now





Back view



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Wow, I for one am watching how this turns out with interest, because to look at her and compare all the earlier pics to now, looks like there's a foal cooking in there. I have a mare in similar circumstances where the vet palpated at 6 months and said she's open, but nothing explains the belly shape and size she has now. Like you, I am not convinced the test was accurate and am waiting to see what happens.
When would your mare be due?

If you look at Bonnys croup area and her vulva does it look like she is relaxing?

Seems like I can lift her tail easier.
Mine is due now, according to the farm she came from. She was pasture bred, but on 4 specific days and not left in longer than those, so at least that's something of a time window to look at. This will be her 2nd foal (IF there is one) and she is 7 years old this year.

Bonny looks pretty relaxed to me in her whole back end. Does her vulva seem longer than it was a few months ago? I was just out there comparing my mares (slow night :DOH! ) and the one who is open for sure this year but has had 4 foals is tiny in her vulva area compared with the one I'm watching. Guess it's wait and see. I have her on camera and Equipage just in case. Lost my first foal this year (filly was too early) and if there is another I don't want to take any chances!

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I forgot to ask you if she's bagging up at all? Annie here does not have much udder to speak of, but a lot of edema pooching in front of her udder, and a prominent milk vein in front of that.
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Her udder hasnt done much of anything although it is different than Dec. I dont know about the difference in her vulva because I hadnt been watching it. Well until I noticed she had loose stools.





April 15

Today she has loose stools again and she has been spending the day alone in the pasture. The only time she does this is when my large mare is in heat and is flirting over the fence with the neighbors gelding. My mare isnt in heat. So I dont know what to think. I have sent pictures to the vet and am waiting on a reply as to what he thinks I should do.
I would put her in a stall and watch her..Wouldnt leave her out in pasture if she might be close.
Wow!!! Interesting. Sorry I don't have any knowledge to share but you have definitely caught my interest. I'm very curious how this will turn out. Please keep us posted. Good luck!!!
Thanks for replying.

I think her vulva is relaxing now for sure, could someone with experience please look and see if they think so?

I have peeked and as of this afternoon she is still pink inside. I just need to know so I can help the vet decide what we should do.




The calculations with being with the stallion should be correct with her foaling. My mare was bred till the end of April and she should be due anyday. So I would assume yours caught with the stallion sometime in april or may last year. So you should have a full term foal.

Don't worry about the udders with maiden mares. She's showing the rest of the signs and from what I gather, some mares don't get their milk until after the foal is born. I would just keep some colostrum or something on hand in case she doesn't get her milk for a little while.
Thanks Keri,

How is your mare? Is she doing anything new?

I am not worried so much as just confused. I just need the vet to confirm this pregnancy or what....!
I personally dont think she is. HOwever if you are worried have the vet check her again, do they do ultrasounds?
They dont on minis, the can US through the abdomen though. I have a call into him and hopefully he can decide what to do.

Ashley, have you seen tummys change shape like this and the mare not be pregnant?
when they are skinny to begin with yes there stomechs changed in all different ways until they are back normal. If she is bred they would be able to see it on an external ultrasound or even just have her palpated if they do that.
Well I just talked to the vet and he thought that her tummy was strange, he is going to come out tomorrow and bring his US again. He said that she has indeed grown and he is also curious to see what is going on. Given the time frame he said the reason could be from the estradiol levels lowering causing a false neg.

Tomorrow we should know! Either way I will be happy just to have an answer!
Im sticking my neck out here and saying that I dont think that she is pregnant, just regaining needed weight without muscling up so it is mostly tummy. That bag looks like a maiden unbred mares. Just my unprofessional opinion though.

Thank you, at this point I just need answers as to why her tummy is doing what it is. If she isnt thats fine and if she is fine. I just need to know. I know minis and standards are different to a degree but when I rescued my large mare and put weight on her, her tummy never did change shapes so strangely.

Being new to minis,and new to this whole pregnant mare issues I just want to be sure I am doing what is needed. I would feel terrible if I didnt ask and just assumed she wasnt , only to find her or foal in trouble.

I appreciate everyones help! Thanks for answering!
Well, but its just not her tummy that's changing either. Her stools are loose (could be from internal problems too), but also her vulva is relaxing and is puffy. A strong indictaion of pregnancy awaiting. I haven't heard of anything else that would cause her to do these things related to needing weight. Its also a sudden onslaught of these things at once that makes me lean towards pregnancy. I sure hope your vet can help you out!

No updates on my mare! She's driving me nuts! I'm sure she'll wait for the coldest night to have her baby on me! :DOH!
Keri, I hope your mare foals soon. You must be having sleepless nights!

If I had a pic of her vulva months ago I would know whats going on there. I didnt start watching it until I noticed the loose stools.

But I did start slowly adding back feed so maybe the loose stools is from that? Although its the same feed and I didnt just increase quickly, I did it slowly.
Well, take a look at the signs of foaling on You can tell she is showing lots of those signs.

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