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Sep 7, 2006
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I would like to know what type of barn shoes you wear that are comfortable for standing or walking long hours? I currently am wearing a pair of pretty new Ariat tennis shoes and they are not that comfortable and after several hours my feet hurt. I normally love Ariats but this pair has been a disappointment.

Give me your suggestions on what barn shoes would be good for standing, walking or using for riding?


I basically LIVE in my Ariat Heritage Paddock english boots. Mucking stalls, walking around, riding.... I work 40 hours per week in them and then another couple hours per day at my own barn in them. I buy a new pair almost every year, for the past eight years. Well worth the $90 to me.

Ariat gets my recommendation as well. I have lots of pairs of Ariat boots and love them. I also have some Ariat mules which are what I usually wear doing chores. If I'm not in high heels (work). I am in Ariats. They look good and feel great!!!
My normal barn shoes this time of year are flip flops
. I wear them when i feed the horses, work the horses, put the horses out, clean stalls. I do have a pair of Nike runnig shoes that are my "barn" shoes that only go to the barn. I am not really picky.
Leeanna I really hope you don't take offense at this.....but every time I see a picture of you in your flip flops working with the horses the mother in me wants to scold you.
Sorry but that's just how us moms are.
I have a pair of Danskos that I love. They are waterproof, unlike Ariat. Don't get me wrong, I own a pair of ariats that I ride in everyday, just not my first choice in barn shoes.
AppyLover2 Posted Today, 08:31 AM Leeanna I really hope you don't take offense at this.....but every time I see a picture of you in your flip flops working with the horses the mother in me wants to scold you. Sorry but that's just how us moms are.
Well if it helps there is one horse who i will not wear flip flops with here but i will forever wear flip flops to the barn the shows, just not when i choose to work with that one horse lol. I have been lucky thus far, now, i am not saying i have not had my toes stepped on ..i have. I guess i just feel comfortable in flip flops
In my riding days, Roper put out a nice selection of very comfortable lace up paddock boots.

I lived in them around the barn and they were good for riding too.

Today, well let's just say move-over Leanna because although I'm not wearing flip flops,

I wear crocs. Michael got me started on them two years ago and now I can't stop buying crocs. I have several pairs. My barn crocs, and then I have my "go to town" crocs,

and then I have my dress up crocs
I recently bought some for the Hus and Dan and although they said thanks but no thanks, they have been wearing them too. I just love crocs! Crocs, awesome invention!~
I wear Merralls and i love them. For riding i wear Devon Aire paddock boots (zip) They took a little while to break in but there comfortable.
In the winter time for snow and water it's L.L. Bean. For riding, driving and hanging out with the horses it's Ariat Paddock boots. For stall mucking and early morning chores, since we get quite a nice dose of dew on the grass I got these nice Dr. Scholl's black shoes...they're not the best looking things in the world, but they're functional and comfty and support your arches so your feet don't get tired early on in the day. Plus they're leather and repel water and moisture. Another big plus you can pretty much slip them on too. They actually have like half zipper runs, but I keep them zipped and am able to slip my feet right in and go.
Well, I bought a pair of "Ladybug" waterproof slip-ons--guess they'd be called 'clogs'?-from Jeffers catalog awhile back, for something like $13, and they are REMARKABLY comfy, even if worn for several hours at a stretch....I am very impressed, and would now recommend them to anyone---I don't have the world's worst, but not the world's best, feet, at my age, and so am especially happy with these! I normally wear hightops, due to a tendency to turn my ankles, so don't wear these daily, but do REALLY like them!

In the winter time my boots are the Chore boots by MUCK...they are THE best most comfortable WARM boot I've ever owned!!!! And steel toe ta-boot!!!

When there is no snow on the ground I switch to my Blundstones. I LOOOVVVEEEE my blunnies!!!!! Usually I have Steel toe Blunnies on, but I'm wearing out a normal pair at the moment! They are super comfy.

I don't ride in anything but my riding boots....which are by far the most comfy riding boots!!!!

Once the real warm weather hits and I'm riding every day, hosing horses off, giving baths....the oldest pair of running shoes I own get the nod! LOL
Here at home around the minis it's whatever is handiest. Soo summer time usually is the closest pair of running shoes....even around the minis, I wear 'solid' footwear...meaning a FULL shoe! I used to wear anything, but after being stepped on by my smallest mini while wearing a pair of garden type shoes (they were what was BEFORE crocs and far more comfy than crocs), and being off work-and that was when I was *really* working-for 2 weeks since the hoof broke a blood vessel in my foot and caused MAJOR bruising....full shoes are a must for me around ANY horses, big or little.

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I wear flip flops. I really like the ones made by Columbia Sportswear.

Hey Marty, listen to this about those Crocs:

It's funny!

I have several pair Ariat Lace-up Ropers, several pair Ariat Lace-up low "boots", Ariat Terrains (kind of like Roper Horseshoes). I wear my Terrains almost everyday; I do have a pair of low Lacrosse rubber boots that I wear when its wet and "sorels" in winter.
[SIZE=12pt]I wear mule style tennies. As I found out the other day, they're great for everyday, but not so much if you're climbing up & down steep, wet hillsides, where the &*(%^(&% horses must have gotten out, trying to fix the fence, getting one pinned under a downed tree you couldn't GET a chainsaw down to while trying to lever it off of the fence. I had to move that tree in one shoe and one sock (in the mud) before I could get my shoe free! I think I'll wear lace up boots the next time I need to slide down there @@.[/SIZE]
Crocs and croc-clones all the way - after many decades of flip flops! At home and at the barn, I prefer barefoot and nearly so, and so I love the ability to easily kick off my shoes! I'm very "anti-sock" - which is fine when you're in Southern California!

In public at shows, other, more appropriate footware!
Just whatever sneakers were last years "every day" shoes. I get new sneakers every year, and the old pair gets a new set of gell insoles and becomes my barn shoes...and my barn shoes get trashed. Though my barn shoes now have been going strong for two years now and I'll keep them as a second pair of barn shoes when I get new ones soon, so I'll have a dry pair if it rains. I usually wear a pair of flat soled dress shoes for driving in shows, but I need to buy a new pair as I have no idea what happened to my old ones last time I moved!
Leeana your one step above me at your age, my mom couldn't get me to wear shoes PERIOD! Also have been stepped on by large horses more than once. Never could get used to the between the toe feeling of flip flops so the next best thing is the cheap canvas slip ons from Kmart go through about 2 pairs every summer, no socks of course. For riding hot/high english boots I HATE THEM!
I am always out in my wellies (gumboots)...I brought them home from England because you can't get proper wellies in North America, they're all rubbish. My last ones from England were actually my mums and they were worn just about everysingle day for twenty years and then one day they finally got a split in them on the heel. I still wore them for another year until this past summer!

However I don't wear those when it gets warm out because well that's just too warm for me. So in that case I will wear my cowboy boots or my blundstones if its warm but not hot. Then when it gets to summer and I need to have "safe shoes" on I will wear my runners. Actually I almost always wear my runners (if not runners than my blundstones) when I'm working the horses. However, if I'm just going out to give them some hay or check on them I normally will just slip on my flip flops! Not something that is horse friendly or horse safe but it works when I know I'm not going to be putting my feet in too much of an unsafe situation! haha.

Sounds like my shoe situation is much like anoki's!

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