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Apr 20, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas
Some of the parks I’m interested in going next year require you to have “weed free feed“ for your horses. I’ve read if you have hay with you that you could face pretty hefty fines. I would need to switch them to weed free feed for several weeks at a time off and on over the years depending on our travels and the parks we go to. I have access to Standlee products and prefer to stay away from Senior feeds (my horses showed signs of ulcers on Purina Senior feed). Alfalfa cubes are good for the long stem forage, are Timothy pellets?

I know its pound of pellets/cubes per pound of hay. I wouldn’t think you could feed unlimited Timothy pellets, can you? My horses are currently getting a ration balancer, unlimited coastal in 3/4 hay nets, along with about 4 hours muzzled turnout on “grass”, and a tiny bit of alfalfa hay.

When we travel to certain parks, here is what I am thinking: keep them on their ration balancer, change them to Timothy pellets and soaked alfalfa cubes. Anything else I should add? I am unsure of the ratio of cubes and pellets I should feed since they won’t be getting any additional hay. I want to make sure they are getting enough long stem forage. What do y’all suggest?? Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!
My horses all get large alfalfa/bermuda pellets and soaked beet pulp this time of year. My oldest, that can't eat hay anymore, gets them soaked and the soaked beet pulp year round. I've had better luck with the alfalfa/bermuda than straight alfalfa pellets. Just thought I'd mention all this since you are feeding coastal bermuda.
Ametza also makes a bermuda/alfalfa pellet, similar to the Dumor.
I would choose timothy/alfalfa cubes or chop over straight alfalfa if the horse is used straight grass forage as their regular diet, even better perhaps the new Standlee timothy chop (it is more expensive and comes in a smaller bag than the straight alfalfa or tim/alf mix). I do not know if their chops are certified weed free for park travel.

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