Bandy's Foaling Thread - Round 2!

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You might want to call the vet office in the morning and let them know you have a new one on the ground (if they don't already know), just in case they don't typically carry those supplies on the truck (although you'd think they would in the spring, you just never know).

congrats! can't wait to see pictures.
Well done Bandy!! Another filly - many congratulations!
Hi All,

Here are a couple photos from last night. I'm sure I'll have more and better photos to share in the next couple days - but this is what I have for now
. The vet was out about an hour ago and overall everything is looking good. The foal - Mabel - has a bit of straightening out to do, but the vet and I are not overly concerned at this point. Her front legs are slightly knock-kneed and ligaments are loose so they bend backward as well, but should hopefully straighten up in the next couple of weeks as she grows and her muscles strengthen. The vet said she was fairly confident she would straighten out all by herself in the next 2-3 weeks, so I'll just keep a close eye on her.

The first photo is from about 15 minutes after she was born and before she had fully stood up:


This second photo is from a couple hours later once she had found her feet:

Thanks for the comments, and thanks for the photos Diane. Mabel is 9 days old now and her legs look perfect! Very happy with how quickly they strengthened and how well they straightened out.

A couple days ago my wife took some great photos of the horses, and so I thought I'd now share some of my favorites. First are a couple photos of Molly - Bandy's filly from last year who is now almost a year old. She is coming along great and everyday I am more and more happy with how she is turning out - both in terms of appearance/confirmation and in terms of temperament. Here she is:


Then, here is baby Mabel. She is 9 days old today, but 7 days old in these photos. She is doing great, and going to be a perfect future match to her sister for a team. Molly was 20.5" at birth and Mabel was 21" - a little bit taller, but they should mature within 1-2 inches of each other... so I'm excited about their prospects a few years from now. Here's Mabel:




I put the whole 'herd' together yesterday for the first time and today for a couple hours again and they are doing great. I'll gradually increase their together time over the next few weeks, and hopefully get some good photos of them together soon. It is fun and funny looking out in the pasture and seeing Bandy, Molly, and Mabel. They are so similar in color that it looks like I have the same horse in sizes small, medium, and large. My poor gelding Buddy stands out now being a a red roan and not matching the black/white theme going on in the pasture beside him
Haha, no we are done breeding. Initially the plan was only ever to have one, but decided to breed a second time to get a team and so that Molly (baby #1) would always have a companion as my other two are getting older (18 &19 years old). I also miss having Bandy as my main driving horse. My gelding goes great, but has always been very stubborn. Bandy on the other hand is ALWAYS a gem and does anything and everything asked of her. I am looking forward to getting her driving again. We are also at max capacity for our herd. They are on about 1 acre of pasture, and I don't want to overcrowd with any more! We are, however, hoping to relocate (for work) in the next several months to year and will definitely be buying a place with more acreage with the next move. For the moment, though, we are a closed herd!
(Although my vet doesn't believe me when I tell him that).
Wow! Mabel looks great! I so didn't catch that she had her left foreleg black all the way down to her hoof. Don't think i've seen too many tobiano patterned horses that were solid dark colored on their legs when they had that much body white.

Teams are great! I need to start working with more of our babies to get them going. Have several fillies that need to be worked (1 pair are only 1/2 sisters - but match very, very well and have always been together since birth). The 2 yr old gelding will start getting worked this summer - for now he's much smaller than his full brother - but think he'll mature closer to his brothers' size for working as a pair - we'll see.

Keep the great pics coming and would love to see your new place when you start setting it up for your horses.
One month old today - so I thought I'd share a few photos! I ended up clipping Mabel - as we have had continued rain (and mud), and she always chooses to lay in the mud. Her mom and sister stay nice and white, and she is constantly brown! So, I clipped her to prevent any more mud clumps that could lead to sores! Here are a couple pics from her 'photo shoot' for registration paperwork. I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems to take 50 pictures to get a few good ones that meet the requirements for the registration paperwork!


Here are a couple other photos of her, her big sister Molly, and mama Bandy:


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