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Dec 22, 2016
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Anyone watching AMHR Nationals right now? Or planning to watch AMHA Worlds? It's been super fun to watch with HUGE classes this year. Some classes are so big they have had to split them. They did charge for it this year since they did not sell enough banners. But it is only $9.99 for the two weeks. Looking forward to a few of the classes tonight, roadster, roman chariot, and liberty.
Yes, my friend is back there with her yearling gelding. Hopefully they will do Liberty tonight! Watching the obstacle driving right now :)

I don't mind paying to watch though I do wish we could see all the days at least while the show is going on. I missed her first class where he placed 8th in Amatuer Yearling and would love to have seen them get a ribbon.
Yes it would be nice to be able to see earlier classes. I have a couple of friends that placed and did not get to see them.
I appreciate the link to the photos. I don't have the technology to watch live. Or the patience.
I watched that too. One had some major assistance from the co-pilot and still placed. I didn't think that was allowed but I could be wrong. Not sure the judges caught that. And while I'm being an old sour puss, I really wish the little kids would wear helmets. I don't care if adults wear one or not, they are old enough to make a choice, but little kids noggins are precious. Off the soap box now.
The stock horses were really nice. And there was one tiny black mare in halter that was awesome, placed 7th I think, the older kids division. My mom enjoyed watching the show, thanks for the link elizabeth.conder 😘 😘!
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Thank you for the link !!!
I wish I would have checked this forum earlier....I missed the obstacle driving ....oh well..maybe I can catch one of the other obstacle driving classes (I may have to watch at work ;))
Ladies Pleasure Driving was huge!
24 entries, I think! One would have to keep one's wits about him to keep from getting boxed in, and keeping in the judges' eyes.
I also noticed in the under 7 group there was a wooden EZ cart like mine. I have never seen that at the upper competition level. The child placed, too.
I love appies!

The first foal from my mare Rhythem shows today. He’s in senior stallion 32-34. I think class 220ish. I’m so anxious for him to do well. I don’t own him….but my colt from earlier this year is a half brother. And I booked a breeding for Rhythem to the one and only Billy Idol next spring….this is her colt.


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