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Jan 1, 2004
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St.Marys, Ontario
I spent 9 days (including 1 day of driving each way) in Gray Summit, MO for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America's National Specialty. We started out at the herding trials on the 19 & 20, where Mate-r got 2 Qualifiers and earned his Herding Tested title. He is now Can BISS GCH Am CH Esrohollow Radsprings Tuhmater Can/Am HT. Delilah (Can BP.I.S.S CH Am GCH Esrohollow Hey There Delilah Am HT) earned one Qualifier in Pre-trial, but the second day she decided one day of herding was enough.

On the 21st, we headed to Purina Farms where the rest of the National would be held. The 21st & 22nd, Mate-r and Delilah were both entered in Rally Novice, where Mate-r earned 2 'Q's, and Delilah earned 1 'Q'--again she decided that one day of Obedience work was more than enough.

The evening of the 22nd, Mate-r and Twizzler (Can BBPIS CH Esrohollow Irresistible Twist) were entered in a formal attire fun match called the Megan. This is a very prestigious event in the Cardigan world. Only Champions are able to enter, classes are broken down by colour (Brindle, Rad/Sable, Black and Blue Merle) then split by sex. Mate-r made the cut of 5 dogs in the Black Dog competition, so I was very pleased with that.

Sweepstakes classes started the 23rd with Boo (Esrohollow Behind the Door) and Twizzler in Puppy classes and Moxie (Can/Am CH Finnshavn Bubble Gum Moxie Can/Am RA Can HS Am HT) in Veterans. Lulu (Esrohollow Albanian Flower) even got to play in the Baby Puppy (4-6 months) class on the 24th. Then on the 25th, Boo, Twizzler and Moxie were in for their regular classes. Boo was in a large 9-12 month class with 19 entries and placed 2nd!!!! I was happy when we made the first cut, so to actually place, well, I was over the moon!! Moxie placed 3rd in her Veteran Class, and Twizzler showed well in the Bred-by class, but she needs to mature some more as she is still very puppyish looking (she's only 1 1/2 years old). Mate-r finished out the week showing in Best of Breed. Though he didn't do anything, his sire picked up an Award of Merit!!! The Judge for the regular classes (from the 24th on) was a long time breeder in Cardigans.

It's always great getting to Nationals to see so many Cardigans from across the country!! It was busy having 6 dogs in various events, but so much fun at the same time.

I will post a bunch of photos from the week!


Mate-r herding, his new title photo & showing in the fun match




Delilah herding


Twizzler showing



Boo showing & judge shot



Lulu showing


Moxie showing & judge shot


Congratulations! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love the names you give your dogs, they are very original.
Wow congratulations! I bet you were over the moon with these awesome placings!! I like the names too Reignmaker.

Great photos, love the ones of Mate-r and Delilah herding.
WOW congratulations. Awesome. Your dogs are gorgeous!! I love the photos, thanks for sharing. The facial expression on Delilah in that herding photo is priceless. That should be a magazine cover shot.

Your dogs are gorgeous. did I say that? yep, I did. WOW again.

I have always loved your breed.
Thanks everyone!! We had a great time….busy with something in the ring every day (I thought I had a free day, but didn't realize baby puppies showed that day!!), but it was a lot of fun!

Takes me awhile to come up with names for the dogs, unless I have a really good litter theme. I have pages full of litter themes, but….they never seem to fit the litter!
Then of course my 2 singleton puppies last year…Boo was the first 'monster', Lulu the second, and Lulu was nameless for several weeks!

That photo of Delilah was taken the day she was giving me the paw and would not listen!!!! And that ewe was not very cooperative!

Congratulations! What an exciting event for you and your dogs. You all looked splendid.

I used to do herding with my australian shepherd. The man who owned some of the sheep had corgis. We always wanted to get the "velcro sheep"! Those ornery ones with minds of their own were quite a challenge.
Marsha, Exactly in regards to the sheep!! LOL The group I had on the Sunday were very light….Delilah does not have a lot of presence on the field, and it took nothing for them to bolt down the field. I knew as soon as they were pushed out into the field that they were not going to be an easy group to work with. I did what I could, but Delilah also decided it was more than she wanted to do to listen to me
. That same ewe was in the group I had with Mate-r for his Herding Tested run….I saw her as soon as they came out….it was not pretty, but Mate-r listens well, so we were successful! In looking at the pictures, that same ewe was in the group Delilah and I had on the Saturday as well!! It is completely luck of the draw on what group you get, and the groups are not the same from trial to trial, but it happened to me a couple of years ago at a trial where there was ONE ewe who was difficult, and I got her 3 out of 4 trials!!!!!!

Makes you appreciate the good ones! LOL


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