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Dec 4, 2002
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Hello AMHR Stallion Owners!

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Yes, there will be a 2013 AMHR Stallion Sweepstake Auction - with bidding to take place March 9-16.

NOMINATIONS FOR STALLIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 1 - so please start submitting your Stallion Nominations. Before you do - please note that there are several SIGNIFICANT changes planned for this year. Here is a summary of the most important ones.

1. Nominations are to be sent to me rather than Bruce, since I am the one who gets the information and sets up the website and on-line bidding. The new Nomination Form is posted to the Sweepstakes website.

2. All Nomination Fees and Winning Bid fees are to be submitted directly to the ASPC/AMHR office. The Sweepstakes Committee will notify the office of who owes what....non-payment of any nomination or bid fees will place a member in "poor standing". (Please note: As much as we would like to go back in time and apply these rules to some who did not comply in previous years - we cannot - as this was not posted then. But rest assured, it will apply to this year's auction.)

3. Stallion owners should check with the office to see if all fees have been paid in full before giving the winning mare owner a stallion service certificate.

4. This year the auction will be a TRUE auction - Lois Simmons from The Little Horse Barn Auction (on the Lil' Beginnings website) has been gracious enough to take us back. This means that bids will be posted in real time. If a bid is placed at the last second, the auction is extended 30 seconds, allowing for others to bid again, just like a REAL auction.

For those unfamiliar with the AMHR Stallion Sweepstakes Auction:

It is an opportunity to showcase your AMHR-registered stallions. You may nominate your stallion for a fee of $200. This allows you to designate one mare (by January 1, 2014) and the resulting 2014 foal may be shown in 2 special classes at the 2014 AMHR Nationals.

Mare owners bid for the opportunity to buy one breeding to your stallion. Stallion owners may bid on their own stallion.

All monies are put into a pot and paid out to the winning foals and the owner of the sire of the first place foal in each class, according to a formula posted in the rules.

All rules and forms (along with results of previous years' auctions & classes) can be found on the official Sweepstakes website:


Any questions - please contact me directly by email at [email protected]
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