After 25 hours of torture.....

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Aug 18, 2003
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Thursday evening Spring's milk tested 400 hardness (calcium) and PH 6.4, so I set up the sofa for a long night wait
, little did I know she wouldn't foal for another 25 hours.
Friday morning and the rest of the day she was waxing and dripping milk, but eating hay and standing in her corner. I felt like I was under house arrest on a beautiful day stuck inside glued to the monitor.

Finally at 8:40pm Friday Spring had an adorable red bay filly, she does have appy characteristics (sclera & mottling) and a little star. Bingo, black snowcap appy is her sire, this is his last foal because he is a gelding now. It was another textbook birth, whew! This is Spring's 6th foal for me, and it always makes me smile because she remembers my whole routine.
After she passes the placenta and gets her banamine she starts nudging me for her warm "mash" treat, I always give them beet pulp soaked in warm water with some pellets and sliced carrots.

The little filly I have nicknamed "pipsqueak" until I choose her real name, she is loving scratches and followed me around the stall. Her blankie is a bit too big, she is very refined and petite, but leggy, I got 7" cannon and 21" at the withers.

She might be a keeper, I've been waiting for the "perfect" filly from Spring to keep as her future replacement and this is the first filly I've gotten that is her same color.
It will depend a bit on what Frosty Chip has, she is due anytime I don't know if I'm lucky enough to get three fillies again this year, but I'll cross my fingers.

This filly is a full sister to last years "Crayonbox Idle Superstition" who started roaning by 2 months old. She is also a maternal sibling to Crayonbox Spotless Perfection (Percy), Crayonbox My Kind Of Rain Falabella (Stormy).

Here are a few photos visit her page on my website to see more.

I love the wet photos:



Congratulations on an adorable healthy (and SO refined) filly! I'd say she was well worth the lost sleep and house arrest!
What a sweet little filly!! Congratulations!!!
Aw, she's adorable.
Worth the wait. And we share a birthday, haha!
She's pretty! And from that expression, I bet she's going to have ATTITUDE.
Thanks! She was well worth the torture and house arrest!

*New Photos of her outside are on her webpages!*

MiniV you are right, she is running and bucking up a storm already, I'm trying to pick a name that won't encourage her to live up to it (like Crayonbox Test My Patience) LOL!
She is absolutely adorable, Kim!!!


Susan O.
Congrats and how darn cute!!!!!!! I am so happy for you

She certainly was well worth the wait (and hours of house arrest LOL)

(I love Bays)


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