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:prayDo NOT leave her side!! Pee in the barn! LOL

She sounds like she'll foal within a few hours with waxing, a red vulva and all her other signs. Can't wait to hear you -- as I'm sure the sound will travel once that little one arrives safely!!
I am deligently watching her on the camera feed that runs to the tv in my living room AND she has her breeder alert pager on so I am on her like white on rice lol.

Shes been doing something new and something I have never seen a horse do before - she is standing in a weird position......she keeps sticking on hind leg out in a stretched/posed position and switches which hind leg every few minutes.....anyone seen a mare do this?

Everytime I have went out to check her since 2pm, and I have removed the wax, it is always back within 2 hours. No more checks for the night - will be watching from the warmth of my house. Its a short tri to the barn, only about 100ft so I will be there fast.
In her case, I had to remove it - I had to wash her udders twice today - once as the original foaling prep and the second time because she rolled in some mud while I let her out for 10 minutes to loosen her legs up and do any last minute rolling to position baby.

I wouldn't ever remove it on purpose
The leg changing and repositioning is normal, as baby is probably pushing on something that makes her uncomfortable. You may see her do some pressure pushing -- her butt against the wall/stall, to try to relieve the pressure as well. All perfectly normal behavior, as she is probably feeling a great deal of pressure at this point.

Can't wait for your announcement!

Brilliant - cant wait for the pics and all the details - no need for a new thread, just change your thread title.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And a filly, too!!

As Anna said, just change the title of this thread, and keep it going. That way, people can see the progression and benefit from reading about her, and be able to follow through to this WONDERFUL finish!!
Just saw you had your baby and congratulations. She sounds beautiful!!!

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