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  1. arrelle

    Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

    Just wanted to share because I’m very excited! Back in August, I bought a new mare via some FB photos. I wasn’t looking for a new horse, it was actually totally on a whim because she looks very similar to my existing AMHR gelding. She got here in mid September and I immediately took her to my...
  2. MiniHearts

    Looking for info on this Stallion

    Wondering if anyone can help me. I recently bought a yearling colt and just found out from the previous owner that his sire was registered. I only have one picture to go by and I can see that he was double registered. He was sold at an auction in Ontario, Canada about a year ago. I can also see...
  3. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Hi everyone, I have mare I'd like for somebody to look up for me in AMHR. Her name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Shez My Girl. I have her papers but mostly I want to know if she has any foals registered with AMHR. She was suppose to have had two foals before we bought her but I don't know if they were...
  4. Jean_B

    44 ... YES! 44 !!!

    Wow!! Bidding is now open - for FORTY FOUR totally incredible stallions! Most of these do not stand to outside mares except through the Sweepstakes. Check them out at All are AMHR-registered. Some are also ASPC or AMHA, or PtHA. Some are triple...
  5. Jean_B

    It's that Time of Year Again!!

    It's time to start thinking about nominating your AMHR-registered stallions for the AMHR Stallion Sweepstakes!! Nominations close on January 20, and bidding will run from Feb. 3-10. It's a great way to promote your stallion and his offspring, and a potential to win a sizeable amount of $$. You...
  6. MiniHearts

    I'd like to know how Hall of Fame works for AMHR

    I have a mare who's done well at AMHR shows, I've never been to one of these shows so I'm not sure how it all really works. Her points so far include: Pleasure Driving: 34 - 4 wins Roadster: 5 Liberty: 13 She has been shown in Halter but I'm not sure of what her points are for that. Any...
  7. MiniHearts

    Austin City Limits - Shetland Pony Stallion - AMHR/ASPC

    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone has any information on a Shetland Pony stallion name Austin City Limits. His sire is Rudolphs Fannie's Little Tex and Dam is RL Bed Bees Doll. I have a mare who is a daughter (D&S Moma's Pretty Sure) of his and I'd love to get some info and/or pictures of...
  8. saralynn

    registering Amha/amhr

    Hi all I'm new to owning a mini so you'll have to forgive me for asking what I imagine to be common knowledge: I just recently purchased a 2 year old mini mare with temporary amha papers and the application for amhr. My question is, when she turns 3 and I submit her amha papers for permanent...
  9. Deb E

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    Marquis showed in her last show. It was our local IMEC club year-end show. Several of us in IMEC had done really well at the Kentucky State Fair a couple weeks before, so I knew we had some good competition for the show. Got shut out in ...the first class....then got a last place...another last...
  10. Debby - LB

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    Watch It Live Here! September 5-15th, 2013 Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex 4000 E. 15th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74112 View all class results and details here National Show Judges YOUTH and AMATEUR DIVISION Cindy Butler - Caseyville, IL Roger Daulton - Urbana, OH Les Zadina...
  11. bunni1900

    AMHR Lookup! HELP!

    HELP! My cousin is trying to find information on a stallion named Frizbee Blaze AMHR # 300181A. Does anyone know how I can find his info? I do not have a studbook membership and I cannot find anything!
  12. bunni1900

    Show Harness - What should I get?

    Hello! I am new to the driving world and have a mare that I have been training to drive. She is doing great (had a great start with a friend of mine) and am looking into getting a show/work harness. The harness I have works fine but isn't very good quality nor was it made for such a small horse...
  13. bunni1900

    AMHR class help

    Hi again! So I am going to my first AMHR horse show and I have no idea how Champion, Grand Champion and Supreme work. What is Supreme?
  14. bunni1900

    Show prep...Tips Please!

    Hello all! I am getting ready for my second AMHR show (first one showing my own horses). I am looking for any tips people can give me would be great! I have added pictures of the 3 I will be taking! The first is my Black Bay 2 year old stallion (Star) Second is my Buckskin Pinto 2 year Old...
  15. bunni1900

    2013 Great Falls, MT AMHR Show

    Who here is going to the AMHR show in Great Falls, MT the beginning of August??? Who are you showing and in what classes?
  16. Barnmother

    AMHR Washington State

    Looking for some annual date for shows and their location in Washington State. Can anyone help?
  17. A

    AMHR Who's Who - The Names You Remember

    The ASPC/AMHR/ASPR/NSPPR has undertaken a colossal project: the digitization of all the old registration files! When an organization is more than 100 years old, there are some interesting things in the oldest files. Registration certificates from the early 20th century are practically art...
  18. A

    Let's Reminisce - the Official AMHR National Show 25th Anniversary Project

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the epic AMHR National Show. What are some of your favorite memories from this stellar event over the years? -Great costumes? -Good times? -Special events? -The scooter gang? -The touching displays & community spirit prevalent in 2001 just days after...
  19. Lil Timber Buck

    AMHR show in Shelbyville premiums released with schedule. Need HELP! newbie to this

    Okay so I went to this show last year for a couple of hours to get a feel for my competition. I intend on participating this year, but need some MAJOR help! Where can I find good, easy to understand decriptions of these classes? I don't know the difference in modern stallion, modern pleasure...
  20. Lil Timber Buck

    I am looking for a FULL length video of an AMHA show!!! Please help

    So, I sat down with a cup of coffee and the AMHR official rule book this morning and began to read. I read every word from beginning to end and it is very detailed and informative. I "get it" for the most part, but would really like to see it in video form if it is out there. I have googled...