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  1. mondak

    CDE Play Day in SE VA

    I was thinking about hosting a CDE play day for mini drivers that either are thinking about doing ADS style driving or are seasoned ADS drivers looking for a relaxed training day for them and their minis. Would anyone be interested? I could offer We Have Just Begun where checks could be...
  2. mondak

    NC , SC, VA, TENN, GA, and other Eastern States

    I might actually be able to come...SHOCKER !! I printed off directions, just need to make sure I don't have to be at the Averett Barn for anything special. Courtney
  3. mondak

    Pessoa Training Aids

    AHHH very cool, thanks for the link! Courtney
  4. mondak

    Showing in the "Model" classes, your thoughts

    I love the model classes! My gelding, although he is nine this year, still needs a class to get him focused before the open divison. Courtney
  5. mondak

    Pessoa Training Aids

    This depends on what kind of issues you are having with a horse. If the horse is showing little topline development, then this system would be a great thing to ease the horse into using as it gets them to round up their back and start tracking correctly (dressage). If you are planning to do...
  6. mondak

    Pessoa Training Aids

    I got the pessoa for christmas last year and I love it! My gelding has some conformational issues that were creating a road block for us as far as engagement is concerned. By putting him in the pessoa in the lowest (green) attachment, it really encouraged him to round up his back the best he...
  7. mondak


    Ah you are killing me! That is a week before I am out for the summer!!!!!!!!! I always miss this show . Courtney
  8. mondak

    If excuse for checks is "safety"...

    I get the same reaction by both the announcer/ring stewards and the other exhibitors in my class! One time a ring steward even walked over and "headed" for me...LOL, I was like "thank you but he is quite content to stand here by himself" Courtney
  9. mondak

    What size is YOUR hunter/jumper ????

    wow this topic is o-l-d, lol. I noticed the post I had on the first page is from 2006 . Anyway, that little jumper of mine has excelled!!! He loves it and can easily clear four foot now. Here are some pictures from last month at a clinic I taught demoing "high jumping" people pay BIG...
  10. mondak

    My mare Semi is home from Kentucky in foal to Billy Idol

    aw semi is going to be a momma!!! That will be one S-P-O-I-L-E-D baby... Courtney
  11. mondak

    Don't know if this was posted or not yet

    This is just aweful! I hope they make this a%#hole P-A-Y!!! Man steals and drags miniature foal
  12. mondak

    My classy and upscale Dressage horse...

    I snapped this one after we schooled second level for our show this weekend, this is what he had to say about it all... Courtney
  13. mondak

    Jumper Classes

    My horse is only R registered so I have only shown him in that style, but I event and show jump so I have alot of experience as far as training him correctly for the AMHA jumpers which is indeed much like a Pussiance class. I think jumping a horse who is BUILT for jumping and TRAINED correctly...
  14. mondak

    Driving Question

    This horse was winning in WCP classes at AMHR shows near here. While we did not go to Nationals, I think we would have had a VERY good shot. Here he is at an open show and I have him more collected so I will probably get grief about his head but for the WCP classes his neck is longer but his...
  15. mondak


    Big supporter of Quiessence here, but I use it to calm my gelding and keep my "cold backed" horse happy. My vet did tell me that Epsom Salts do the same thing as Quiessence and Remission for the chesty neck...has anyone tried this? Courtney