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    AMHA registration question

    Thank you all for your help.
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    AMHA registration question

    I tried the search engine on this, but didn't find anything, even though I'm sure it has been asked before ... so forgive me for asking again I'm interested to buy a mare. She was foaled in 2007 and is AMHA and AMHR registered. At the young age of three years, she has already outgrown her...
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    I just bought a new mare

    She also has one foal of hers hardshipped into AMHR, Century Oaks Thumbelina by Mustardseeds TNT, born 2002/04/07
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    I just bought a new mare

    I think this is the one you're looking for: TAURULAHOOLE NELLIE B NAME REG. NO FOAL DATE S CL BT ST HT TAURULAHOOLE NELLIE B A 46991 03/22/1992 M SBA DN - 33.000 SIRE DELL TERAS GIRL WATCHER I 02380 PSR - DC 31.500 DAM TAURULAHOOLE CHEROKEE ROSE A 20121 SBS - - 31.250 BRDR...
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    what is your favourite bloodline

    Nighthawk would be my all-time favorite bloodline. The foals from the Nighthawk line crossed on GMB and/or Blue Boy seem all to be breathtaking, so that's my favorite cross then.
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    Picture help please!!

    Thank you!!!!!! You're the best *hugs*
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    Picture help please!!

    Hi there!!!! I need help please!! I know that some years ago, someone posted a great picture of Brewers Orion Pride, back in his show days ... looking gooooood I saved that picture to my hard drive because I thought he was so gorgeous and now I needed this picture for a friend, but I can't...
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    Do any of you know any of these stallions?

    This is a picture of Johnstons Starlight Ranger. And this website http://www.miniatureequine.com/dustylane/Stallion.htm is the stallion page of Dusty Lane with pictures of Hilltops Little Vegas.
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    Look up for me please?

    None of the horses you named is AMHA registered, at least I did not find them. On www.horsestudbook.com, it says Squires Montana Justin Image is owned by Teresa Mendez-Sisneros.
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    Little King's Black Velvet

    A friend got a smokey black colt (lab tested for cream and parent qualified to be a son of Black Velvet) by Black Velvet and out of a mare that obviously carries no cream. So ... yes, Black Velvet carries cream.
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    Mare with not much info on bloodlines

    Her sire, Crescents Scottie, is also AMHA registered. Thought this might help with your search: CRESCENTS SCOTTIE Pedigree report 11/13/2008 ****1***2***3***4***5***6***7***8***9**************************************** | | | | UNKNOWN - UNREG. | | | STOUTS MISTER PRIDE - I...
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    NFC Rowdys Standing Ovation

    It is simply unnecessary to "stop" using LWO+ horses, since there is a reliable test!!! It would be a shame to lose all these beautiful miniature overos. Breeding animals is always a big responsibility. And it's easy to get yourself informed.
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    Registration geru's

    If both the parents of your gelding were AMHR registered, he could theoretically be registered without hardshipping BUT only if his dam was on the stallion report of his sire on the year previous to your gelding's birth AND if you get the signature of the sire's owner and owner of the mare at...
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    Looking for the current owner

    I think it's Whispering Winds Farm in Michigan ihaveminihorses@hotmail.com AMHA Studbook online says it's Whispering Winds Farm, but on their website, I can only find birds http://www.miniatureequine.com/whisperingwinds/, so no guarantees. But you could contact them to find out.
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    Iowas Little Kernel

    Since ANYONE can go on allbreedpedigree.com and change or add pedigrees on that page, I'd rather stick with the official AMHA version of Iowas Little Kernel's pedigree, which is unknown. That's not a bad thing IMO, Iowas Little Kernel has proven that he was a great sire with some influence on...